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  Do you want to launch or introduce a new product or service to the market? In all obviousness, you must have carried out your homework and decided exactly what you plan to offer, and now all you need to generate is sales. Sounds like an easy task, however, it is important that you understand that each day, countless new product and service ideas are conceived and introduced into the market, and for your product to stand out amongst tons of products in the market, you have to market it first before launching it.
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This can be likened to clearing your farm before planting. This means that you have to grab the attention of your customers and ensure they are anticipating the launch of this product, as this has a way of stirring up their emotions and influencing their buying decisions. Some of the things to take into consideration before launching your product include:

Defining Your Target Audience

To successfully launch your new product or service, it’s essential to focus exclusively on your customers and prospects, because they are most likely to purchase from you. However, you can’t focus on your target audience if you don’t know them.  In addition, you need to understand them, this is critical because the language, channels and information you use to communicate with and appeal to one demographic may not be as effective as another. Clearly defining your target audience gives you direction in your marketing, and allows you to authentically connect with your customers. Get in the mind of your target audience and understand the best way and place to reach them.

Know The Problem You’re Solving

The product you are about to launch should solve a specific problem in the market. Having a deep understanding of the problem, how to solve it, and whom it is for, is crucial. It is important that you always stay focused on your “who” and “why.”

Understand The Buying Journey

The buying process forms the groundwork of all marketing and sales activities, because you need to have an intimate understanding of your customers’ pain points, where they get their information and who influences the purchase. Different customers have different expectations on how they will engage with you, depending on where they are in the buying process.
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Protect Your Online Identity

In today’s world, coupled with the incessant growth in the use of the internet, we have seen numerous cyber fraudsters try to take advantage of clients who did not secure their domain name, trademark, social media accounts, etc. It is important to secure all these before launching your product on any platform.

Create A Unique Value Proposition

Having secured your online identity, the next thing you should do is to create a unique value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors. At this point, you should have a clear understanding of what you must offer in order to stand out from your competition, and who will want to take advantage of your offer. So, your product should be unique and meet the needs and desires of your best prospects. It is important that you know your competitors and strive to be different. Once you decide who your competitors are, review their marketing materials, including their ads, brochures and websites, then evaluate how your new product or service will stand up against what’s already being offered, in what ways you’ll excel, and which companies pose the greatest threats to your success.

Offer Early Incentives

The goal is to create a buzz around your product and cause your customers to anticipate your product before its launch. One of the best ways to do this is to offer discounts for preorders, free first-time uses, and premium participation rewards that entice users to buy upon launch.

 Present Your Campaign

No matter what publicity strategy you choose, first make sure your product or service is completely ready and available for purchase in order to maximize returns from the coverage you receive. Your other marketing efforts should follow closely after your marketing campaigns start. Monitor the results from all media, and in the first weeks and months, be prepared to adjust your campaign, to take advantage of what’s working best. Featured Image Source: Printwand
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This article was first published on 8th December 2021


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