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Akpu is a staple swallow in Nigeria, mostly eaten by the Igbos. Akpu is made from cassavaAkpu making has been a consistent source of income, especially for locals in the rural areas.


  • 4-6 cassava tubers
  • Water


Peel the cassava tubers Cut the tubers into small pieces, wash and put the cassava pieces into a large bowl or container Pour in enough water to completely cover the cassava pieces Cover the bowl or container and let the cassava pieces ferment for a period of 3-5 days. To check this, press the pieces with your finger; they should have a soft, mushy feel. If a good number of the cassava pieces are soft and mushy then all is set Bring out the fermented cassava pieces, wash and squeeze them into a filter placed inside a clean bowl of water (this is to remove the un-fermented debris and chaff from the paste of fermented pieces) Because of the the unpleasant odour especially at that early stage most people pour the water lying above the residue and add fresh water. They then let it settle and pour it out again before adding fresh water. Pour the extract into a cheese cloth; the open end of the cheese cloth should be firmly secured with a rope and a heavy object placed on it to further drain excess water. Pour what is left in the cloth after water has been drained into a bowl and mix it with water to form a paste. Boil and stir part of this into starch. Pour this into the bowl containing the remaining paste and mix it in. Wrap the mixture in nylon and cook it in a pot. Untie the nylon and pound the mixture in a clean mortar until it is smooth and rubbery. Your akpu is ready for consumption!

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This article was first published on 5th July 2018


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