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  We get it; you see them be a badass at the job. The flames are irresistible and workplace romance is the only reasonable point of call because you cannot imagine a future without your colleague beside you.
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A workplace romance can seem to be a rational decision until the pros and cons are placed before a table. As much as this colleague seems to be all you want in a partner, here are some things to consider before pulling up your socks to roll in the hay.
  1. Company Policies

Most companies have some guidelines that direct their affairs as regards workplace romance. More often than not, these guidelines frown against the company employees indulging in a romantic relationship with each other during the duration of their employment contracts. So, before you decide to throw all emotional caution to the wind, try stopping by the HR office.
  1. Hazard Management

Consider the worst-case scenario possible. If things should go south and there is bad blood between you and your romantic partner, can you function optimally knowing that you must work within close quarters with this colleague? If you were a subordinate to your partner, would the failed relationship affect your promotion to a higher level in any way? Should the company sack you for inefficiency because of the relationship, do you have a backup plan? These are questions to consider even after getting the go-ahead from the company’s HR and should you decide to carry on, it would be a good idea to dust your cv and start job hunting(just in case).
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  1. Limit PDA

For want of a better description, keep your hands to yourself. While your colleague and you are in the office space, you both are staff (and to some extent properties of the employer). Public display of affection in any way can affect the productivity of other workers and distract other colleagues that are trying to get some work done while reports of “Keep your hands to yourselves” keep reaching the HR office.
  1. Set Boundaries

It is wisdom to set boundaries between both colleagues and as much as possible, maintain the same rapport and discretion as before. Setting boundaries also include keeping relationship drama’s out of the office and keeping classified level information, private. That you are in a relationship with another grade level does not automatically elevate the partner to your level.

In A Nutshell

It is important that regardless of the depth of an employee’s feelings, he must, of necessity, tick through all the above boxes before they can make a move. This is because in most cases, the cons of workplace romance to the future of the employees involved and the company, at large, far outweighs the pros by a non-negligible margin. Do you have a workplace romance story? Share it with us. Featured Image Source: Medium
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This article was first published on 2nd July 2021


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