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  One of the most painful sides to love is when your feeling is unrequited. It is a very difficult situation that so many Nigerian youths do not feel comfortable enough to talk about. This feeling comes out of the fear of being called a weakling or a fool.
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When partners don’t answer your texts or chat on time, avoid affectionate touches, seem uninterested in fixing things or making progressive decisions, it might unravel your mind, causing a trauma that is detrimental to your mental health. To avoid a situation like this, read through to get great ways you could adopt to learn of to let go.

Talk About It

The best way to deal with the trauma caused by unrequited love is to find a confidant to speak with. Bottling up hurtful feelings will only pollute your mind, destroy your focus and render you crazy. Do not be afraid of speaking out, many individuals out there are dealing with similar situations and you, being able to talk about it only makes you stronger, not weaker as against what popular opinion dictates.

Cut All Contact

You may never be able to heal completely if you are still in contact with a cold partner you loved too. It is advisable to delete phone numbers, email addresses and unfollow on all social media. This is not petty, but a great leap to help prevent you from reaching out when in a moment of weakness.

Distract Yourself

Do things to distract yourself from the reality of the moment. By distracting yourself, it means throwing yourself into doing something productive. This could involve getting absorbed in work, picking up a new hobby, following an exercise routine or developing a new skill. It is not a good idea to take to binge drinking, heavy smoking and drug abuse as this will only be tantamount to devastating harm than good.
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Do The Things You Love

When you get rejected by the one you love, what do you do? You do the things you love. At least you can control the satisfaction they bring and not the emotions of someone you seem to love. You can build on your current hobby, take long strolls, sing new songs all of the other things that will help dilute the feeling of rejection.

Spend With Other People

You are in pain, but you don’t have to go through with the trauma alone. Lean on family and friends you can trust. If you feel overwhelmed, you can simply consult a therapist who can serve as professional support and will take you through the process of healing.

Go On Dates

Although, this might not be an option for many people, research reports that people who rebounded gain a level of esteem and confidence as well as total disengagement from their ex. So long as you have a heart, you will always find a person to replace the unresponsive partner; someone who sees your worth and will fight to keep you irrespective of the obstacles common with relationships these days. You just have to heal and move on. Featured Image Source: Shutterstock
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This article was first published on 24th July 2021


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