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How To Keep Your Content Relevant In A Competitive Content World


It is not enough to create superb content, but the question is if your content is relevant amid millions of contents created daily. There are over a million websites created monthly and are dishing out useful – and also useless – content.

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The competition in the content world is rife. And if you aren’t up and doing, you and your content might drown in the crowd, which will lead to oblivion. Worst still, if your brand or your business relies on content, you might as well ensure loss from generating low leads.

Amid the noise, it is expedient that your content ought to be among the listed websites on the first page when users use their search engine. When your content appears on the first page, users are likely to visit your content, and also your website is likely to have more visitors, which are your leads.

Maintaining fresh content in an increasingly large crowd of purveyors and consumers can be challenging. If you fail to make your content rank high on the internet, it is as good as not writing content. When content is updated, relevant and accurate, it can boost your business; bottom line. In this article, we shall examine a few hacks to heighten your content in a competitive arena.

  1. Ensure Occasional Content Update

There are two major types of content: evergreen and trending. Evergreen, as the name suggests, is content that is meant to withstand the ever-changing news cycle. On the other hand, trending content is relevant today and might not be relevant tomorrow. However, it is not always at all times, especially if the content is written in such a way in which its narrative projects futuristic events. It capitalizes on spontaneous keywords and long-tail searches.

Simply because evergreen content has longer relevance, doesn’t mean that a content writer won’t do a little decking out now and then. Experts have suggested several strategies you can use to make your evergreen content relevant and updated. You can translate it across multiple channels. You can link your content to related news of the day. For example, you wrote on how traders can make money on crypto trading eight months ago, you can link it with breaking news on how a young boy made a million naira on crypto trading thirty minutes ago.

Furthermore, ensure to check your content links are quick to open without glitches. You can also use algorithms to match similar articles to link the old to the new. Finally, ensure your system is strong enough to navigate through links. Ensure that content is optimised for mobile phones and other gadgets.

To ensure that trending intent remains relevant, link it to evergreen content. For example, I wrote an article on “police brutality in Nigeria “ four months ago, and this morning I am writing about the latest event on police brutality that happened in Lagos. The event is trending and I’m trying to capture it, to make my four-month-old content relevant, I will link it to the trending news.

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  1. Keep Your Content Relevant

When content is relevant, it will always appear before those who need them. Therefore, to make your content relevant, ensure that they are adding values. This is why it is advisable to carve a niche when taking on the career of creating content. Due to the value-added content on websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Inc., Bloomberg and so on, these sites are visited by millions daily, especially entrepreneurs and B2B and B2C.

Dishing out solution-based content, current affairs oriented and informative content occasionally can make your content a go-to for people with problems to solve. However, ensure that your content is what your audience wants. You can create content based on what your potential audience is talking about. You can monitor this through digital conversations on your company’s social media accounts, as well as that of your competitors.

Listen to what your target audience is saying and build content around their conversation, and engage them with it. Giving your target audience what they crave is a way to stay on their radar.

  1. Ensure That Your Content Is Always Accurate

In a world of flat-out lies, misinformation and hearsays, producing accurate content cannot be overemphasized. Nothing can be more disengaging than a website filled with lies, untrue stories, erroneous statistics, and unsubstantiated claims. I could remember when I was taken aback in disgust by several websites that projected unfounded claims over simple facts.

When contents are full of unfounded claims, and all sorts of silly fairytales, it places the credibility of your company or brand in doubt. By all means, avoid baseless claims and inaccurate statistics. And when you are refreshing or updating your content, ensure to fact check and update statistics and examples with current information which are accurate. You can often rely on accurate and trusted sources to back up your claims.

Once readers leave you for another source on the account of inaccuracies, it might be difficult to get them back. Therefore, invest in accurate information as a content provider.

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Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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