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Most team leaders strive to grow their team members by suggesting books and learning activities that provide value and give their team members new tools freeing up their time for other projects. These activities will keep team members engaged and excited.

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Having every team member aligned with your business or team goals is a substantial step to success. This is about knowing your values, product, customers, mission, conventions, structure, etc. And to ensure that every member is acquiring the knowledge they need, learning habits should be considered.

Developing a learning habit needs a little time and effort, but in the long run, it delivers impressive results. Learning habits help people become better learners by developing their portable learning skills and preparing them for a lifetime of learning.

This enables team members to gain the knowledge and abilities needed to perform at their best, better satisfy their clients, and inevitably help their team grow.

There are key learning habits that can accelerate learning, and optimize skill-building and career growth. Furthermore, organizations must enable an ecosystem of learning to support the learner and some of these learning habits include:

Curiosity; asking questions:

Perhaps the single biggest habit that can help one grow as a professional is to be curious and ask questions to authentic and reliable information providers. This means that you get into a habit of staying up-to-date. In addition, asking intelligent questions is a great way to demonstrate your worth at work.

Workplace collaboration:

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Effective team management stems from several consciously built sub-skills. Collaboration, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and critical thinking, are only some of the necessary skills for career success. Identify ways to engage in cross-team learning and job rotations that can help build these skills within your team.

Invest in learning in the flow of work:

Learning must be an ongoing activity, but sometimes it is difficult to dedicate time to learning amid work. Identify ways to practice the skills you are learning during work and remind yourself of your learning habits, block time on your calendar, and set up an appointment with a mentor to review learning.

There are ways to build learning habits in a team and they include:

Always motivate your team members and find out what learning they need and want and then build according to those needs to foster learning habits.

Providing support for learning habits: Through assistance like a performance support system, that includes a searchable knowledge base or a forum.

Modifying team members’ routines: Designate certain times of the day or week for learning. Incorporate ongoing learning cycles that include learning courses with quick rewards.

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Ensure that the learning is accessible on mobile devices is consumable anytime, during breaks, between tasks, and will nudge learning habits.

Get your team members to respond by making the learning frictionless.

Reward your team members, once they finish the learning with gamified points or digital badges.

Allow your team members to select and personalize their learning because everyone learns differently.

Appreciate the diversity of your team’s personalities and learning styles because these differences create a more dynamic culture and benefit your business.

Conclusively, habits are much easier to form when they are fun! If you can sell learning and your platform through something fun first, people will both get more familiar with it and more rewards for participating.

That might even come in the form of literal rewards, incentivizing people to undertake particular learning actions with prizes, certificates, and experiences in a way to benefit them.

Give people places to discuss ideas or impart their wisdom, and democratize learning so that everyone has a voice – this will help you create a shared purpose in terms of development and progress within the team.

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This article was first published on 17th May 2022


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