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2021 was an unusual year with a lot of tasking activities to endure. Most people glided into 2022 with the same approach as 2021 and have been largely overwhelmed at the beginning of the first quarter. This is why it is important to consider the following mental health tips and begin a journey to prioritizing yourself this year.

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Engage in meditation

Meditation is one of the calming exercises to free yourself up from anxiety. Take few moments each day to calm yourself, clear your mind and practice intentional breathing. You will notice that when your mind is clear, your thoughts become well collected and you make better decisions.

Practice Journaling

Journaling helps you articulate your feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, you just want to vent after which you will feel much better. You can write down all of your thoughts and any concerns you might have, then dispose of the material afterwards. You will always feel better after you write.

Get adequate sleep

It is no mystery that a good sleep makes you feel better almost immediately. Your body and mind are able to relax and function better with adequate rest. Give yourself a time where you would like to shut down and prepare for that. It is recommended that you are able to maintain eight hours of sleep each night to function at an optimal level.

Set relational boundaries

It is about time you become intentional about who and what has access to you. Cut away negativity and toxicity from your life once and for all. Once you realize a relationship always leaves you feeling worse than they met you, it is about time you got rid of it. You need to constantly surround yourself with people that give you joy, and also remain a source of joy to others.

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Stay grateful

Always be quick to express gratitude for little and big wins. Being grateful causes you to pay attention to things you may have termed insignificant. Be thankful for things money cannot buy, relationships you have, health and other familiar things you have previously overlooked. Express your gratitude both in words and thoughtful gifts.

Limit social media time

Exposure to social media, especially unpleasant news could be quite distressing and traumatizing. You must be able to filter the things that you permit into your mind and thoughts. Limit social media time as well as exposure, by choosing carefully who you follow and whose content you consume. If you notice there are certain people who always give you anxiety and make you feel negative, you should cut them off immediately by unfollowing or blocking them.

Embrace planning and routines

Routines aren’t always boring. Planning helps you have something to look forward to, and helps you channel your resources, energy and time in the best ways possible.

Routines give you a sense that you are engaged in activities within your control, and to have a better grip on your mental health, routines are recommended.

And if none of these tips provide any succor or help, you might need to seek a professional therapist. Shop around until you find the best fit for you and seek to grow and thrive. In 2022, prioritize yourself and stay positioned for maximum happiness and success.

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This article was first published on 5th April 2022


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