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How do I obtain an international passport in Nigeria? This is a frequently asked question by Nigerians who want to travel abroad. If you want to know how to get an international passport in Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to travel abroad for vacation, school, or business, you must have a Nigerian international passport ready before you can apply for a visa.

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We have a step-by-step guide on how to easily apply for your Nigerian international passport if you want to know how to obtain an international passport in Nigeria.

What is Nigerian International Passport?

A passport is a travel document issued by a country’s government that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder and allows the holder to travel outside the country. A Nigerian international passport is a necessary hard copy document issued to Nigerian citizens who intend to travel outside of the country. With your Nigerian international passport, you can travel anywhere in the world as long as you can obtain a visa.

Who needs a Nigerian passport?

Nigerians who wish to travel outside the country must obtain a Nigerian international passport. As a result, if you need to travel abroad for any reason, whether long-term or short-term, your Nigerian international passport provides you with the ability to obtain a visa to any country of your choice.

The Cost of an International Passport in Nigeria

The cost of an international passport in Nigeria is determined by factors such as age and passport booklet type. Cash payments are not accepted; instead, you must pay for your Nigerian international passport online in naira or US dollars. The table below shows the current price of an international passport in Nigeria, as well as the official price of an international passport in Nigeria as revealed by the NIS.

Booklet Format

32 Pages

64 Pages

Minor (0 to 17 years old)

N 8,750

N 20,000

Adult (18 to 59 years old)

N 15,000

N 20,000

Senior (60 and above)

N 8,750

N 20,000

Please note that the price of an international passport in Nigeria 2022 in the table was taken from the official Nigeria Immigration Services website and is subject to change.

Nigerian Passport Requirements

The following are the requirements for an international passport in Nigeria in 2022:

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Adults (18 and older)

  • Completed Passport Application form
  • Two passport-sized photos taken recently
  • Payment receipt
  • Letter of identification from the local government/state of origin (valid staff ID card attached)
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Guarantor form completed (with a photocopy of the data page of the Guarantor’s Nigerian e-passport and one passport-size photograph of the Guarantor)
  • Certificate of Marriage (if applicable)
  • Affidavit of Name Change (if applicable)

Minors (those under the age of 18)

  • Completed Passport Application form
  • One passport-size photograph (signed on the back by the consenting parent/s)
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Evidence of parent/s’ Nigerian citizenship
  • Consent letter from both parents (valid court order if one parent is unavailable)
  • Payment receipt
  • A court order and a letter of approval from the State Ministry of Women and Child Development are required if the child is adopted.

Photo Requirements

Your photograph should be of high quality and accurately represent your true appearance. It should have been captured within the past six months, with a dimension of  35×45 mm or 350×450 px. And the background of the photograph should be white. 

Documents Required for a Nigerian International Passport

To qualify for this process, you must provide some documents when applying for a passport. These documents may be required for both online and in-person processing of your Nigerian international passport application.

For a Standard Passport

  • Local Government letter of identification.
  • Birth certificate/declaration of age
  • Two recent colour passport photos
  • Guarantor’s form sworn before an Oath Commissioner/Magistrate/High Court Judge
  • Letter of consent from parents for minors under the age of 16
  • Marriage certificate, where applicable
  • A police report in case of a lost passport.
  • Send your application and supporting documents to the passport office, Embassy, or High Commission.

For an official Passport

  • Letter of introduction from the appropriate state or federal government ministry or organisation
  • Where applicable, a marriage certificate
  • A Police Report in case of a Lost Passport
  • appointment letter / last promotion

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Submit your application and supporting documents to the passport office, Embassy, or High Commission.

How to Get a Nigerian International Passport

The steps for a successful passport application in Nigeria are outlined below.

1. Go to the Nigerian Immigration Services website.

This is Nigeria’s official website for applying for an international passport online.

2. Choose a passport type

Select “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport,” then click the “Start Application” button.

3. Select Processing Country

This is the country where you plan to apply for and receive your passport.

4. Complete the application form completely.

Check the ‘I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM’ check box when filling out the application form, then click the “PRINT” button to print the completed form.

5. Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents.

Get the necessary and correct documents in scanned pdf format and upload them.

6. Continue to Online Payment

Choose your preferred payment method by clicking “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars.”

7. After payment, click the submit button.

After you’ve selected your preferred payment method and completed your payments, click the “Submit” button to proceed to the next step.

8. You will be given an Application ID as well as a reference number.

Following payment and receipt of the “Validation Number,” proceed to the NIS portal for payment confirmation.

9. Print and certify the Guarantor’s form.

To proceed, you must enter your Passport Application ID and Reference No. and then click submit.

10. Complete the procedure at the passport office.

In person, submit your completed application form along with any additional required documents to your chosen passport office.

Note: After submitting your online application, you must appear in person at your designated immigration office to have your photographs and biometrics taken.

If you need to travel outside of Nigeria, make sure to apply for and submit your international passport application documents well in advance of your departure date. However, if you follow the simple steps outlined in this article, you will be able to obtain your Nigerian international passport sooner than you think. All that remains is to apply for your visa and prepare to depart for your desired destination once you have received your passport.

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