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In the world of communication, email still stands as one of the major cornerstones of business and personal interactions. However, observing proper email etiquette within the guidelines of email service providers can be a daunting task. Ever been faced with a situation where email simply bounces back, or worse, lands in the spam folder? In today’s blog, we are going to learn about email-sending limits in Google Workspace and how to navigate them.
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What is the Email sending limit you may ask? In Google Workspace this is a situation whereby there is a maximum number or limit to which a user or domain can send emails within a period. It also refers to the temporary restriction or ban placed on a Gmail user for sending emails to others within a specified period.

How to avoid exceeding the Google Workspace Email-Sending Limits

  • Understand the Google Workspace Email-Sending limits: To avoid going over limits as a user, it is important to be familiar with the limits on Google Workspace and ensure you stay within the permissible range. This way, you can avoid running into a block or suspension.
  • Utilize Google Drive for Large File Attachments: Consider utilizing Google Drive, especially for large file attachments. For example, if you need to share large files, using Google Drive makes such files easier to send directly to recipients. Simply attach the link in the body of the email. This not only helps in staying within the Google attachment size limits but also provides a more efficient way to share large files.
  • Google Groups or Mailing Services for Mass Emails: Rather than sending individual emails to a large number of recipients, you can consider using other Google Workspace services such as Google Groups or external mailing services, to manage and send emails to groups of people.

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  • Stay Updated with important information from Google: It is important to check for regular updates from Google. This way, you are abreast of important information relating to your email, and recurrent suspensions or delays that may impact your email sending.
  • Monitor Sending Patterns: Regularly monitor sending patterns, especially high-volume ones. Be careful of sudden spikes in sending activity and plan accordingly to avoid going over limits. If you need to send emails in large numbers, consider spreading them over time.
Understanding Google Workspace email-sending limits is crucial for businesses to maintain effective communication and avoid potential disruptions. To prevent suspensions, familiarize yourself with Google Workspace’s terms of service and monitor daily email-sending activities. When you partner with us at FOUND, a certified Google Workspace reseller in Nigeria, be rest assured we will help your business get the most out of Google Workspace, and offer you affordable payments in Naira.
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This article was first published on 26th February 2024

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