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Making sure customers get their order is an essential aspect of the fashion business. Customers always order various fashion products from time to time. Some of these orders are sent intra-state(within the same state), inter-state( from one state to another), or outside the country.

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Your customers must enjoy a stress-free delivery service. Customers will always patronize your business if you have a great delivery service. Sending customers their orders is not only common among online fashion vendors. Offline fashion vendors may also need to send their customer’s orders to them at one point or the other.

There are five important steps you need to take to ensure a stress-free delivery.

1. Confirm and re-confirm your customer’s order

Before delivery is made, it means your customer has placed an order. There are many fashion products your customers want to purchase from your business. It may be hair products, ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

When an order is made, you must confirm all the details. When it comes to ready-to-wear clothes and shoes, there is always an issue with sizing. Be sure that your customer understands your business size chart and that they are ordering the right fit.

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When your customers place an order, always re-confirm to be sure. Make sure you and your customer have an agreement about the order to be sent for delivery.

2. Discuss payment methods

The next step is to discuss the method of payment. The method of payment is an important discussion that should be made and concluded before an order is sent.

Depending on what method works for you, you may decide to be paid before or after delivering your customer’s order.

Another important detail to clarify when finalizing the method of payment with your customer is your business policy on the refund.

Whatever method works for you or your customer, just make sure you are both on the same page.

3. Package your customer’s order appropriately

After finalizing the payment method, you can then package your customer order. Packaging is a very important aspect when sending delivery. It should not be done frivolously.

Your customer order should be packaged in such a way that the items don’t fall out. Everything should be well put together.

When packaging, it is also a time for you to make sure you are packing the right items and everything is neat and presentable.

3. Search for a reliable logistics company

Now that your delivery is well packed, the next step is to search for reliable delivery services. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right logistics company.

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Sometimes, your customer may prefer to send someone to pick up their order. This makes your job easier. All you have to do is give the person.

However, if you are banking on a logistics company, make sure that they are reliable. When in doubt, you can check their website for reviews or ask those who send deliveries often for advice.

4. Check in with your customer

The final step is to make sure your customer gets their order and are very satisfied with it. That is when you can finally say a good business transaction has taken place.

You should make sure that your customer confirms that their order is intact. Overall, they should have a stress-free collection of their delivery.


Delivery is very important. The process can be sometimes overwhelming if there is a breach of the agreement by any of the parties. Ultimately, the major stakeholders (seller, logistics company, and buyer) in handling delivery should efficiently perform their roles to ensure a stress-free delivery.

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This article was first published on 30th June 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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