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How To Create A People-First Company In 3 Proven Ways


Since the pandemic, expectations in the business world have changed drastically. The expectations have shifted for the people. Leading and successful businesses are all about making their company or businesses people-first in nature. Furthermore, a people-first company can get more leads, because customers are likely to go to where the means of transactions are people-friendly.

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Putting people first include customers, suppliers, or employees. The pandemic has made it easier for companies to go out of their way to support their employees and customers to create a lasting impact and be on their A-game.

In this article, the people-first strategy implies that business leaders care for their team members first and foremost. This is even before customers, shareholders, and profits. The advantage of making employees happy is that they make customers happy, which in turn makes the company a progressive one. When a company practices a people-first approach, it will be able to retain amazing talents in the company. When small businesses don’t have the financial capacity to compete with big corporations, they can at least, keep up by operating a people-first approach. In this article, I highlight three ways to make your business a people-first company.

  1. Add Purpose And Meaning To The Work Environment

When employees have a sense of purpose working in a company, it will make them happy and feel safe to give their best. When a company adds a culture of purpose and meaning at the core of its operations, employees will always look forward to going to work. How can you create a culture of meaning and purpose in your company? It is by trusting in the ability of your employees. Second, by giving them autonomy, accountability, and responsibilities. When this is in place, it will make employees feel valued and will also boost creativity and productivity among workers. In a company where there is no sense of purpose or meaning, employees often feel less motivated and easily fatigued. Also, when companies make their employees feel like leaders in their right, top-tier talents tend to stay and give their loyalty.

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  1. Explore Alternatives To Cover The Needs Of Employees

The second way to make your business a people-first one is to create facilities that cover the needs of employees. Where employees are taken less care of tend to be unproductive. Companies with little or no facilities that look into the well-being of their employees are bound to hit the rocks very soon. The basic needs of your employees should be covered. Things such as transport and feeding allowances, health insurance, damage control policies and the likes should be integral in the workplace. This motivates workers. Creating facilities like staff buses or cars to cater for the transportation of employees will ease the burdens of long-distance on employees.

  1. Replace Employee Engagement With The Employee Experience

Experience is deeper than engagement in the workplace. When there is concentration on employee experience, it reduces tension and naturally creates an atmosphere that is people-first inclined. To ensure that employee experience is created, draft a roadmap that brings out the best in employees. This includes eliminating “us versus them” culture, gender inequality, racial profiling and all sorts. Leading companies like Google have put in place where people from all walks of life engage and enjoy themselves in a work-play atmosphere.

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Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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