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Why The Most DSTV Super Dealers Should Come From Nigeria DSTV is Sub-Sahara Africa’s biggest direct broadcast satellite owned by Multichoice. The service has been a major source of entertainment to Nigerians who were found to make up 40% of its entire customer base in 2016 (Nigeria consists of its largest number of users). Moreover, Multichoice DSTV makes more than 8 billion monthly revenue from the Nigerian market. The wide acceptance of this service in Nigeria has created an avenue for more jobs opportunities, one of which is DSTV Super Dealership. Who Is A DSTV Super Dealer? A DSTV Super Dealer or Agent is a trained individual who specializes in providing newly-subscribed customers with all the support they can get for the service. He interfaces directly with DSTV sub-agents (individuals who work directly under him). They are:
  • The Wholesalers who sell DSTV materials to sub-agents and sometimes users.
  • The individuals who organize training installation programs for potential sub-agents.
  • The individuals who supervise technical installations and repairs carried out by DSTV trained experts.
Here are some of the requirements for becoming a DSTV Super Dealer Capital: Like all businesses, DSTV super dealership requires that some amount of money is pumped in for it to be kicked off. There are two approaches you can consider:
  • Start off your business as a DSTV dealer
  • Test the waters by starting off as a DSTV sub-agent.
The first option would suffice if you have enough money at hand to invest as capital. Otherwise, the latter would be a smart option as it will give you the opportunity to understand the business and know if you should invest further in it. Training In order to register to become an accredited DSTV super dealer, you will have to download a registration form for the DSTV website ( Once you have filled out the form, send it to the company email shown on that link. To begin your training, you will have to pay a franchise fee which gives you access to the required steps and materials to become a dealer. Training involves :
  • A technical training course held by Multichoice
  • A formal assessment exam to test the applicant’s knowledge and skills.
People Skills As a super dealer, the odds that you will be interfacing with people on a daily basis are really high. Hence, it is required that you have the ability to tolerate all kinds of customers you would be meeting and reassure them or give the satisfaction they demand. After all customers are always right!

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This article was first published on 21st November 2018


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