One of the major challenges most companies’ management face is the issue of appointing a team lead.

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This is a challenge for most management because there are several issues to consider when making such a decision.

You have to consider the responsibilities of the team lead, the goal of the team, how the team lead can achieve those goals, how qualified the team members are to take on a leadership role, etc.

Making the wrong choice of a team lead can affect the team and the company negatively because a bad team leader can micromanage their work, withhold basic information, and cause chaos and unproductivity.

On the other hand, appointing a good team lead means that such a person helps the team members develop their skills professionally, provides clarity, and encourages and motivated the team members to put out their best, thereby increasing productivity in the organization.

Before appointing a team lead, you should understand that a team leader should possess certain qualities and these qualities boil down to two equally important qualities:

Domain expertise: This means that every team leader should be well versed in the technical skills of their craft.

It also means that every team leader should possess the ability to find their way successfully to the finish line, and understand what his responsibilities are and how to achieve them.

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People expertise: A team lead leads people, this means that a good team leader must possess the ability to carry the other members of the team along to achieve a goal.

A good team leader should possess the ability to teach, mentor, and facilitate great decision-making.

Additionally, before appointing a team lead, understand that such a person just be empathetic, organized, and articulate about their approach as this keeps the team focused, empowered, and happy.

A team leader affects the progress and productivity of the team because a team leader has the most direct and significant impact on the experience of the people on the team.

That means appointing the right team lead with the necessary skills and behaviors can determine how quickly team members develop new skills, whether they feel included and supported, and how creative or innovative the team’s solutions are.

How to Appoint a team lead:

Among the team members, look out for the one who can:

Manage the work: While selecting a team lead, look for that particular individual that can plan, organize, delegate, arrange resources, and ensure the completion of the team’s responsibilities. This is because the team members will always look up to the team lead for clarity on what to do and what matters most. Therefore, whoever you appoint as a team leader should have the ability to look across their team and anticipate what will be needed to achieve the team’s goals. Additionally, such a person must be able to work with deadlines to achieve the goals of the team.

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Coach other people: Before appointing a team lead, ensure you appoint someone that can act as a coach and advisor. Such a person tends to help other team members understand how they’re performing and give them feedback on how they can do better in other to be more productive. Through their actions every day, team leaders model behaviors and skills for their team members.

Properly Communicate information: While appointing a team lead, look out for someone who has effective communication skills. Someone who can communicate openly and effectively with their team by sharing updates, disseminating information, and explaining goals and expectations.

Inspire their team members: This act helps to move and push the team forward because every member of the team is motivated to put in their best in whatever role or task they are given. An inspirational leader can help build the team’s resilience, raise the team’s energy, motivate them to do their best work, and keep them focused on the future.

In conclusion, appointing a team lead shows that every leader in every sector or department of the organization must try to grow continuously and help their team members do the same.

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This article was first published on 9th July 2022


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