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  What you are about to read will shock you. Do you know an average Nigerian pastor earns about N540, 000 to N1, 080,000 per year, which is a whopping 40% more than the annual minimum wage of civil servants?
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This is unbelievable, as it seems as though they never trade in any physical products. More often than not, these men of God are able to perform some certain scientific impossibility and administer healing to sick bodies. They also take courses in counselling and some are certified psychological personnel. Since they administer this duty without any financial remuneration, the congregation in return gives large gifts to the pastor. The average salary of a senior pastor in a Pentecostal church is N90, 000 and a junior pastor’s salary is roughly around N45, 000 per month. Comparing these statistics with the annual pay of other private organizations, one can see that the difference between annual incomes is clear-cut. According to an anonymous interview carried out in the southwest, a newly ordained pastor’s salary is about N35, 000 and this monthly salary is still higher than minimum wage. An area pastor with some years in the field is paid roughly around N85, 000 which is a lot more than what most private companies pay to their staff per month. If they are unmarried, this pay already gives them some sort of comfort living in Nigeria. To add to that, a resident pastor has a higher piece of the cake as they are paid about N200, 000 per month and this salary are much higher than the monthly salaries the government pays to its civil servants.
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Asides from these high incomes (in contrast to civil service), the church ensure that certain allowances are accrued to their pastors and these pastors can even earn more than the stated N200, 000, but this depends on the years of experience and mode of execution. The members also have a part to play as Pastors’ offering is highly encouraged to celebrate the grace and sacrifices these pastors have made for the congregation. More often than not, the gifts and offerings for the pastors far outweigh the monthly salaries that they receive. Giving is highly encouraged in the religious sect and when the members give, they give without restraint. These gifts do not only come in large amounts of cash, they come in cars and in kind. Put these all together and one can easily see that the perks of the job surely tilts to luxury. That being said, there are also people in the same profession that are not as wealthy. They go about pastoring wherever they find themselves or take the path of evangelists or visiting pastors. Some are standalone pastors with no well-established church to give them structure or a large mass of people available to support them via giving. This then goes without saying that it is not solely the job of pastoring that enriches the pastor but the excellence of the pastor and the environment that the pastor finds himself in. Featured Image Source: Council On Foreign Relations
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This article was first published on 7th July 2021


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