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The E-Commerce sector in Africa is growing rapidly with Nigeria’s social commerce market estimated to reach US$23.8 billion by 2028. This is why some startups are now delving into the sector to get a piece of the action. Recently a former payments company( Abeg) rebranded to a Pocket app to power both payments and online shops for small businesses. Kwik logistics has now joined the game.

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Kwik was formerly a Nigerian startup known for its business-to-business logistics service. It was founded and launched by Romain Poirot-Lellig, Olivier Decrock, and Yinka Olayanju in 2018. Then, it only provided logistics in the urban cities of Lagos and Abuja. However, logistics services were simply its strategy to gain traction and users. Now, It has ventured into the growing e-commerce market in Africa with the launch of its e-commerce feature, kwikstore. The store is a service offering that enables African businesses, vendors and SME’s set up an online shop in minutes. This expansion move was after it raised a $2 million investment earlier in March.

In essence, kwikstore will enable African entrepreneurs, online merchants, SMEs, and social vendors to create an online store quickly on their smartphones. They don’t even need to have any technical expertise to do so. In addition, they can link their stores to their social media accounts, to automate sales, inventory management, and delivery services.

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The kwik store feature is in the Kwik Delivery app and is free to use. Vendors and business owners don’t have to pay any service charges other than standard payment gateway fees. Another unique feature of the store is that Merchants can fully customize it to fit their brand.

Furthermore, the logistics feature won’t become obsolete. The store will even enhance its usage. The kwik rider automatically picks up orders and delivers them once it has been approved by any of the vendors or merchants and the payment is automatically processed through the payment partners. There is also an option for a customer to directly pick up his or her. A kwik account is a prerequisite to accessing the kwikstore feature but can be used independently of the Kwik Delivery platform. This allows merchants to deliver their products to customers via any delivery solution of their choice and to sell around Africa, in areas not yet covered by the Kwik Delivery platform.

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Kwik will continue to expand its innovative digital services focused on enabling African merchants to grow their business with all the benefits that technology brings. Since Kwik currently operates in 2 cities, it is only feasible to incorporate other delivery options for users. Kwik plans to reach 800,000 online merchants before the year ends. Hence, it’s the move to partner with many other logistics companies across Africa.

Kwikstore is essentially for small business owners and vendors to move their businesses online. It gives them more opportunities to make sales and acquire more customers for free. If you are a business owner who can’t afford to build a website, then social commerce platforms are for you. You can choose to use Kwik, catalogue or pocket app to do so. The important thing is that it will help and give you access to promote and increase your product sales and market presence.

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This article was first published on 10th August 2022


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