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Helios Towers Nigeria Limited, an independent tower operator with sites spread across 34 states in Nigeria has recently been acquired by IHS Holding Limited, a large mobile telecommunication infrastructure provider in Africa. By implication, all 1211 diversified tower sites situated across Nigeria now belong to IHS Holding Limited.

IHS is now in possession of the entire share capital of HTN and now exercises control of the business, though according to them this does not in interfere with activities at HTN as it still remains business as usual.

Speaking on the acquisition, Issam Darwish, Executive Vice Chairman & Group Chief Executive Officer of IHS said “The completion of this transaction is significant in that it combines Africa’s two original tower companies and will enable us to strengthen our service offering to our customers while focusing on their needs. We remain committed to the Nigerian tower market and this transaction provides IHS the opportunity to optimise a larger portfolio through innovative green energy solutions and delivery of market leading quality of service.”

IHS will work to roll out its renewable energy solutions and diesel reduction initiatives while maintaining unparalleled network uptime.

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This article was first published on 14th June 2016


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