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Christ is risen! This is the chant that greets the bright morning of every Easter Sunday. Today is Easter celebration for Christians in every part of the world, a day that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave in what Christians believe to be salvation of mankind from sin. Easter which is very important to the Christian faith marks the remembrance of sacrifices made by Jesus Christ during his time on earth, and understanding the importance attached to his crucifixion and his resurrection on the third day, before ascending into heaven which marked the completion of his task on earth.

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Christians till this date, still enjoy from the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ to make his grace sufficient for Christians. Today, the corona virus pandemic is a major issue confronting the globe, and will make this year’s Easter celebration very much different from other years as there will be no family or individual outings to have fun due to the lockdown situation in most parts of the globe. However, it is important we highlight some of the significance attached to Easter celebration.

Reflecting On God’s Love

The Bible in the book of John 3:16, states:

‘’for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.’’

The only begotten son in this Bible verse is Jesus Christ. Easter is a great time for Christians to sit back and reflect on the willingness of God to save man from reproaches caused by sin.  For married men and women, you can imagine letting go of your child to be used as sacrificial lamb to save the world from the corona virus pandemic, I guess the answer is a big NO. But God in his infinite mercies, was willing to allow his son suffer for sins he knew nothing about. We must understand that mindless of what we face in our daily lives, God’s love is always sufficient.

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Share Love

If God can overlook the sins of mankind, who are we not to love each other?  Especially as most parts of the globe is locked down, Easter is a unique opportunity to lookout for your neighbors and people around your environ to see if they are alright. Look for avenues to help out, it is not time for greed or selfishness, rather it is a period to prove to each other that the world can only work when there is love.

Understanding The Essence Of Being Christian

A large percentage of Christians are with the religion today because they were born and brought up in Christian homes. Christianity encompasses a lot but a true follower of Jesus Christ must believe in the death and resurrection story, only then can you come in terms with being seen as a Christian. Take this time to reflect on God’s word (the Bible) especially as you do not have to go out today.

Stay Indoors

Being Christian also entails you understanding that God in heaven also wants you to obey the law of the land. Citizens must obey the lockdown order by the federal government. We are all tempted to come out and hangout, feel life a little more rather than stay indoors always, but a good Christian must examplary.

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This article was first published on 12th April 2020


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