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I went on a trip recently and several incidents played out and I thought to myself, see how going the extra mile could earn someone some Brownie points and they just let it slip by clueless of the rippling effects. Scenario 1: You meet a client you’ve been trying to secure a deal with and that client is standing for lack of a space to sit, what do you do? Scenario 2: You helped someone get food at an event for him and his family (nuclear and extended) to the exasperation of the other waiting guests and just when food had finished, he comes with another guest who was supposed to be served somewhere else but ‘wasn’t’. You offer to get something to assuage his taste and he retorts “it won’t be OK!”. What do you do? Scenario 3: You’ve just finally settled down to eat and you notice an elderly man seated calmly, obviously hungry, watching as others go and get food at the serving point. Upon enquiry, you discover he’s not meant to get food directly as a “Titled Person”. What do you do? It’s easy to ‘mind your own business, get upset with that haughty man or concentrate on your food’, but if by that little effort or act of service, you gain a client, leave someone satisfied and another, honour his stool. You would have gained a recommendation or blessing or learnt new ways to satisfy 3 different kinds of clients. What opportunities has life brought to you today as challenges and how have you managed them?

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This article was first published on 18th September 2017 and updated on November 28th, 2017 at 2:03 pm


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