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Most people have to battle daily with annoying rodents in homes. These animals encroach on our spaces, eat our food, destroy our property and sometimes cause diseases to us.  Over the years, we have devised many cruel and painful methods to get rid of rats. However, there still remain proven measures to take in order to get rid of rodents and rats in particular without going overboard or stressing yourself. Some of these are:

  1. Keep your home clean: The first step to getting rid of rats in your home is to make sure that you stop feeding and attracting them. Rats feed on food and have easy access to leftovers and dirty materials lying around. Sweep and dispose of all useless junk occupying space in the house before you proceed to attack the rats. In addition, keep foodstuff in places where rats cannot access like refrigerators and sealed containers.
  2. Block their routes: Rats are mostly nocturnal and they come out to eat and play in the night when humans are asleep. To get rid of them, make sure that their routes of movement are impaired. Once their entrance and exit points are blocked, they may become confused and this is when you introduce your method of catching or killing them.
  3. Get a cat: Before you start thinking of all the wicked ways to catch the rats in your house, you should firstly think of the simple option of getting a cat. A cat will act as an efficient predator to the rats and feed on most of them without causing you any danger.
  4. Buy rat traps: If you do not like cats or cannot afford one, another way to stop the menace of rats in the home is to get rat traps. These come in different forms and designs, like the metal traps and boards with glue, are usually not poisonous and most of them are fairly easy to use. Just select the one that suits your circumstances and put it to great use in catching or killing those rats. Beware not to get caught in your traps.
  5. Poison them: This is one of the most dangerous ways to get rid of rats in your home because a great level of care must be observed when carrying this out. You have to be extra meticulous so as not to poison or wound yourself when mixing the concoction for the rats.

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This article was first published on 11th July 2016 and updated on July 16th, 2016 at 2:47 pm


Opoola Jelifat is a young and passionate writer. She holds a B.Sc degree in Microbiology and enjoys reading, cooking and writing on real life issues. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Ibadan. Contact her on, and via Twitter and facebook by clicking the icons below.

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