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If you are a Diamond Bank Customer, you are in luck. The all to familiar stress of driving to your own bank to avoid the N100 charge will be no more. Diamond bank is offering to take the charge loan for their customers so no matter what ATM you use, no matter the bank, you will not be required to pay the N100 charge. This is of course a good way to get more customers because some may look at the charge as just N100, while some look at it as credit, lunch, dinner and many other things. Diamond Bank may possibly start a new trend in the banking world, because this will definitely increase the amount of customers for Diamond bank.  

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This article was first published on 6th August 2012

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One thought on “Free ATM Withdrawals Courtesy Diamond Bank!”

  • Heyyyyy this is a good time to open a diamond bank account…especially that my area where there are alot of other banks

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