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Arguments have rolled out that the Nigerian music industry promotes internet fraudsters, a.k.a ‘G-boys’ or ‘Yahoo Boys’. One of the apologists of this notion is the renounced rap artist, Falana Folarin who is popularly referred to as ‘Falz the Bahd Guy’. Falz frowned at the content of the hit single by a popular Nigerian artiste, which he claims encourages the ‘yahoo yahoo’ culture in the Nigeria community. This hit single is said to mention the names of people that are suspected to be internet fraudsters. While the action of Falz has received commendation from some people, others have resolved to an ad hominen, that Falz’s upper class upbringing may likely not allow him to understand what it’s like growing up with scornful experiences while climbing the ladder of success. Apart from the hit single pointed out by Falz to contain lines promoting internet scam as a means of survival for young Nigerians, there are so many other tracks which have been released over the years that endorsed the social vice. Musical videos are shot sending out misleading message to Nigerian youths. These artistes may have forgotten the word of Bono:
“music can change the world because it can change people”
Thereof, if we neglect this menace that has taken over the music industry, it will permeate other institutions of our society. Martin Luther once said that “next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world” and it is dutiful that we allow morality thrive in the noble art. Watch the full interview with Falz below.

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This article was first published on 24th June 2017


Kofoworola Omotayo is a freelance writer, a lover of tech and a literature monger. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and a member of Nigerian Institute of Management. He enjoys approaching issues from logical and empirical perspective. His twitter handle @heir_ptahyor and Gmail: kofoworolaomotayo[@]

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