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Being healthy can be defined as ‘A complete state of mental, physical and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease’ and a lifestyle, which includes patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment and dress.

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However, a healthy lifestyle typically refers to the steps, actions and strategies one puts in place to achieve optimum health, and it is generally characterized as a “balanced life” in which one makes “wise choices” for today and for the future.

A healthy lifestyle is a valuable resource that would consist of physical wellness (good nutrition, eating right, getting physically fit, exercises, adequate rest, proper stress management), emotional wellness (self-supportive attitudes, positive thoughts and viewpoints, positive self-image), spiritual wellness (inner calmness, openness to your creativity, trusting in your inner knowing) and all aspects of one’s self must work in harmony to achieve wellness in a bid to create a balanced life.

The Components of a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating Healthily

The right nutrition is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Your body requires a well-balanced diet every day to maintain the adequate amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body. A balanced diet is easier and more beneficial than a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet for most people to maintain, and should include lean sources of protein, plentiful amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, limited quantities of processed foods and added sugar.

Regular Physical Activity

You will need to include physical fitness as part of your life. Physical fitness keeps your weight in check, helps you sleep better at night, prevents heart attacks and strokes and other health related problems. Any amount of physical activity is better than none and this is why every health practitioner recommends it.

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Stress Management

Emotional stress plays an important role in many illnesses, both directly and indirectly. People are also more likely to smoke, overeat, drink too much, work too hard, argue with others and so on when they are feeling stressed. Thus, stress management is an important part of achieving a healthy lifestyle and in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle, creating your own stress-management strategy as well as meditation and relaxation techniques is a great place to start.

Maintaining a Regular Sleep Pattern

Believe it or not, sleep is probably one of the most important activities of the day, yet, it is the one we most often sacrifice. Those who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to have weight and other health issues, and it is recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep per night.


Even some of the most balanced diets are filled with nutritional gaps and consistently eating healthy food is the desired goal to help promote health, but food alone may not provide the total daily recommended dietary allowances you need for sufficient nutrition. Nutritional supplements can be made with ingredients that assist with healthy aging, metabolism, weight management, stress management, sleep and athletic performance.

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Life Balance

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle you must take steps to ensure you maintain a certain level of balance – spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and financially. You need to balance work, family and all the other areas of your life without spreading yourself too thin and having a guilt trip when you do one thing, but think you should be doing another. All of the key areas of our lives overlap and interlink, affecting each other, but unless we create for ourselves satisfaction in each and every part of our lives, we can never truly be fulfilled or live a contented, happy and healthy life.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle can not only help you feel better, but it can also reduce the risk of some diseases, lengthen your lifespan, save you money and benefit the environment. There is nothing you must or must not do in order to be healthy, so identify what makes you feel good and what brings you the greatest happiness. Then start small, when you make changes, you are more likely to see success this way and small successes will snowball into bigger benefits.

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This article was first published on 24th April 2022


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