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After four years in the Nigerian market, Emerging Markets Telecommunication Company, also Etisalat, now has 15 million subscribers in Nigeria. This comes after months of offering appealing products and services, campaigns, and business innovation – giving Etisalat over 15% of the market share in the Nigerian Telecoms Sector. Speaking on the achievement, the CEO of Etisalat Nigeria, Steven Evans said, “At the beginning of 2012, we were moving towards 11 million subscribers. Now, 12 months later, we have added four million active subscribers to our base; this is a phenomenal achievement.” “We have shown an innate ability to turn challenges into opportunities. With this mindset and our focus on quality, innovation and the customer, we have been able to listen, attract, reward, retain and expand our customer base over the last 12 months. Our success now and in the future will continue to rely on executing on this strategy,” he said. Etisalat Nigeria recently signed an agreement on Quality of Service improvement, and the organization intends to add 1,000 base stations to the already existing 4000 – this year.

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This article was first published on 16th January 2013 and updated on January 21st, 2013 at 11:01 am

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