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  Technically, any internet-based platform qualifies as a tech company on this list. Protests were sustained across the country and the Diaspora. So, here are some companies and platforms that lent themselves to #EndSARS intentionally and whole-heartedly.
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Obviously, none of this would be possible without the social network where it all started three years ago through a hashtag. Resources were procured there. People were mobilized there. A big thank you to Mr Jack Dorsey. His co-sign went a long way in amplifying the protests.

Arise News

The UK based news TV station has been as objective as any in a way no other news channel has been. It is owned by Nduka Obaigbena.


This platform had to endure an inquiry from the Central Bank because of the open support for #EndSARS. Frankly, their involvement has been more than helpful as it gave credence to the movement for many who were having doubts about donating


Seun Onigbinde’s team have been something of a tech-based pressure group for a long time now so it was a no-brainer that they lent their voice and expertise.
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Peoples Gazette

I, personally, only discovered the publication during the protests. They have been the go-to- publication for many and even got verified during the protests.

Connect Nigeria

We were never going to be left out. We’ve devoted our existence as a socially responsible organisation to the Nigerian cause. We did our best to put out factual information about happenings surrounding the demonstration, without fear or favour. See here (Big Cabal Media)

This media publication stood up to be counted. They always have as I have come to find out. Check out

Feminist Coalition

Technically, this is no company but the contributions, collectively, will surely go down in time as massive. Tech will be very key for solving the Nigerian question moving forward. We just have to adapt the solutions to suit our problems. At Connect Nigeria, we will continue to propagate any such ventures. Featured Image Source: Time Magazine
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This article was first published on 27th October 2020


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