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  1. Do not make calls. Driving requires concentration. One mistake to avoid while driving at night is the use of cell phones. Studies have shown that this could greatly impair one’s level of concentration. If you must use a phone while driving, use on hands-free.

  1. Do not stare at lights from oncoming vehicles. One cardinal rule of night driving is to never stare at lights from coming vehicles. This has the tendency to distort one’s vision from a close range. It is best to look away from oncoming lights.

  1. Do not wear eye glasses if they aren’t needed to correct or enhance your vision.

  1. Do keep your headlights properly aimed at all times. Since your headlights seem to be your main source of vision while driving at night, it should be in the best condition. A properly aimed headlight can give you a greater vision of what lies ahead and also support better visibility for other road users.

  1. Do keep your exterior mirrors in shape. Exterior mirrors are very vital in ensuring a safe and secure night driving. Clean up your exterior mirrors regularly and aim them slightly downwards in order to give you a clearer picture of other cars behind you.

  1. Do keep your eyes engaged at all times. To help reduce fatigue while driving at night, it’s best to keep your eyes moving on several areas of vision instead of focusing on a particular spot.

  1. You might want to add some fog lamps. These are quite important for aiming at the road if done correctly. But then, if done wrongly, they could impair the vision of other road users. Fog lamps can be very helpful even when not foggy as it helps to see way beyond the road and also make small bumps and rocks appear larger in shadow.

Night driving isn’t suitable for everybody. So evaluate your capabilities to see if you have all it takes before hitting the roads at night.

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This article was first published on 30th July 2016 and updated on November 25th, 2016 at 12:22 pm


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