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  There is a lot of things we do these days that have just as many attendant risks as they are routine. Shopping for anything online in Nigeria is one of those things that many take for granted but has seen many others lose a lot of money to phony vendors and dodgy characters on social media or e-commerce websites like and
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Here is what you should know and what you can do to protect yourself and preclude the possibility of losing your money to scammers and dishonest characters who are out to make a quick buck off unsuspecting internet users.

1. Never Pay Before Service

You may be tempted to do so because buyers and sellers online are mutually wary of being scammed. The onus should be on the seller to deliver the goods or service before you part with your hard-earned money. You will most likely regret paying if you do so insist on seeing what you ordered and touching it even before effecting payment.

2. Do Your Due Diligence

Your choice should be guided by actual knowledge of the general prices of whatever item you want to purchase. The whole idea of shopping online is for convenience but it should not be at the cost of actual knowledge. Knowing what you want and how much it costs will even help you sieve out questionable vendors.

3. Ask About The Seller

On whatever platform you meet a seller, there are avenues of discovering what other customers are saying of them. It could be actual review sections on e-commerce websites or customer feedback on social media.
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4. Consider The Cost VS Going To The Market

The one other thing people complain about with vendors online is that these people’s goods and services are generally overpriced. The belief that their customers are seeking convenience leads many to overestimate what people may want to pay for their goods and services. Some also consider what they sell premium, thus, not for everyone. Find out how much the same good or service costs in the open market versus transport costs so you can make sure you are getting good value for your money.

5. Do Not Meet At A Place Of The Seller’s Choosing

Endeavour to meet in an open space in your vicinity if you are not cool with the vendor knowing your address. Do not meet at night too as a lot of bad things can happen to you under the cover of darkness. Do not go to the person’s home to retrieve your item also.

6. Do Not Order Across Far Distances

If you live inside Lagos, it would be wise to order only within the city limits or your very vicinity i.e. local government. Logos may be small for instance but the cumbersome nature of moving around means that some distance can be even too far even though they are within the state. Featured Image Source: Retail Customer Experience
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This article was first published on 15th March 2021


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