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It goes without saying that doing some maintenance work on your vehicle by yourself actually goes a long way in helping you cut back on expenses, monthly. Many things you look to your mechanic to solve can actually be done by yourself and except you would pay yourself it would be free of course.
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So on today’s DIY, we would be informing you on some car maintenance tasks you can do for yourself by yourself.

1. Changing Your Air Filter

You could actually switch up your car air filter by yourself for no cost other than the price of a new one. i) Open your bonnet. Locate your air filter (typically within a black case under metal clips on either side) ii) Open the case and observe how old it looks. Noting this will allow you to have a significantly easier time fixing in a new one. iii) Remove the old one and make sure nothing falls off from under. iv) Put in the new one, close the case and secure the nuts tightly.

2. Replacing Your Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wiper is one of the easiest things you can replace in your car and you can do it in under 15 minutes. i) Pull the wiper away from the windshield and press the small tab under it to slip it off the wiper arm. ii) Line up the new wiper with the wiper and carefully lower it into the wiper arm. Make sure the open end of the hook on the wiper is facing the plastic hook on the new wiper. Pull it tightly until you hear and see it click into place. iii) Return the wiper to the windshield. Do the same with the second wiper.

3. Switching Up Your Headlights

Switching out your headlights will cost you new headlights and under 15 minutes of your time. i) Open up your bonnet and look for the bulb. It is usually a plug shaped like a trapezoid and having three wires coming out of it. ii) Carefully detach the wire from the bulb-holder. If it is held by a screw, unscrew it. If held up by a plastic catch, press the lever on the plug firmly and then pull on the plug. If the holder has a metal clip, just pull up and away from the holder.
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iii) Pull the old bulb out of the holder. iv) Using a clean rag, wipe down the new bulb, hold it by the plug end, and stick it into the back of the headlight. Look to make sure it’s all the way in by confirming that there is no rubber gasket showing. v) Re-plug the wiring and re-secure the bulb as per Step II. Test to make sure the thing works.

4. Change Up Your Fuel Filter

To change up your fuel filter is a task that will take you under an hour and a new fuel filter of course. i) Locate the fuel pump fuse on the fuse box to relieve the fuel system pressure. Start your car and pull the fuse. If your engine dies out, you will know you have completed the first step. ii) Use wrenches to disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel filter. Use a rag while the wrench is in place in case there is still some pressure. Hold the wrench on the filter and the turn the other one until the bolt comes out. iii) Slip the fuel line of the bolt and do same for the other line. iv) Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the old fuel filter. Be careful here as there may be gas in the old one. v) On the bolts removed before, there will be washers. Remove the old washer and replace with new ones. vi) Replace the old filter by reversing the process described in Steps 3 and 4. Put the fuel pump before starting your car again.

5. Checking Your Battery Connection

Checking the battery connection is pretty easy as it will only take you all of 30 minutes at most and #1000 or so for a wire brush. i) Remove your battery cables and make sure to start with the negative cables first. ii) Clean the wire posts with a wire brush and corrosion removal fluid (baking soda and water. You can make it yourself). iii) Clean the battery terminals with a wire brush. iv) Rinse the cleaning fluid with water and dry with a rag v) Re-install your battery terminals starting with the positive one first. Here is a little tip: It is February and Valentine is still coming. If you are a woman and you still can’t figure out what to do for your man, these tips will come in handy. If you mind getting your hands dirty, get a mechanic to do it. Perish the idea of boxers and singlets, you hear. Thank me later. Featured Image Source: Sandwell College
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This article was first published on 8th February 2021


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