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  Every parent wants a healthy baby. In Nigeria, the visual definition of healthy is chubby. Chubby, well-dressed babies are considered rich kids and they often get lavish attention. Now, chubby doesn’t always mean healthy but some parents with small-sized babies are unaware of this.
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In a bid to increase the weight of their babies, they give them junk that is unhealthy and potentially harmful. Today’s topic seeks to redress this situation by informing parents of healthy meals that can increase their babies’ weight. Below are seven of them: Eggs: You can never go wrong with eggs. Eggs are a rich source of protein, vitamins and healthy fat. They provide nutrients that are crucial for your little one’s brain and nervous system development. Most importantly, eggs can help you achieve proportionate weight gain for your child. So, give your child an egg a day and lest I forget, when it comes to kids, boiled is always better than fried. Banana: Studies reveal that Bananas, on average, contain about 105 calories. This makes them a super snack, one that can help your child to gain a healthy weight. Now, children love bananas because they are sweet. Thus, they won’t mind a banana snack. But if you can make cakes, smoothies, milkshakes and other mouth-watering meals out of banana, the kids would love it even better and you would still achieve your goal. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Breast Milk: This list would be incomplete without nature’s wonder food. The World Health Organization recommends that babies be fed breast milk exclusively in the first six months of life. This is to ensure their healthy development. Breast milk is balanced, nutritious and easy to digest. Babies who get enough breast milk at mealtimes will definitely achieve healthy weight gain.
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Potatoes: Guess you didn’t know that what you’re looking for in Sokoto is actually in your shokoto. Oh yes! The potato in your kitchen can give your baby some free calories. In case you are wondering, both Irish potatoes and sweet potatoes are good for healthy weight gain in children. They are nutritious, tasty and easy to digest. Just find interesting ways to incorporate them into your children’s diet then, sit back and watch them add some weight. Oats: I can explain. Lol. That sounds like something a Nollywood actor would say when he is caught doing wrong. But I need you to listen because oats made the list for a reason. We all know they have high fibre content which aids bowel movement.  But most of us do not know that when it comes to weight gain or weight loss, how you eat your oats matter. If weight gain is the goal, then, know yea that you can double the calories in your oats by adding nuts, full cream milk, banana, sugar and even dried fruits. These high-calorie additions can help you achieve the desired result. Yoghurt: I know you’re also surprised to see this food on the list because it’s also considered a great food for weight loss and weight maintenance. But there are different types of yoghurt and the best type of yoghurt for weight gain are the low fat flavoured ones. Stop staring suspiciously at me and let me explain further. Fat is a filling nutrient that amplifies food flavours. However, when fat is removed to reduce the calorie content of some products, sugar is usually added to increase the flavours. This is the story of most low-fat yoghurt. The added sugar in them is the reason why they are good for weight gain and bad for weight loss. Avocados: This food is known for its high-fat content. Your child can certainly benefit from eating it. So, go ahead and mash it up. Make a smoothie or milkshake with it. You can even use it as a spread for your little one’s toast. I hope you can now see that your little one can eat right and still attain healthy gain. Sources: Healthline Klays Schools First Cry Parenting Featured Image Source: Healthline
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This article was first published on 2nd November 2021


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