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  Easter celebration may not be as loud as Christmas but it is a big deal in Christendom. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very essence of Christianity. So, at Easter, we renew our hope of victory over sin even as we celebrate the gift of eternal life which is automatically received through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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In some cultures, foods like an egg that symbolise fertility or new birth are used to portray Christ’s new birth through resurrection. In Nigeria, we don’t associate specific foods with the Easter season. But we plan our menu to include some of our traditional festive delicacies and our food interests as well. For this Easter celebration, here are  some foods that you can include in your Easter menu:


ojojo and yam balls Archives
Chow Hub
This food can be adapted to suit your needs. If you pair it with pap, oatmeal, custard, it can serve as breakfast for you and your family. But if you’d rather snack on it or serve it as finger food, it will work well too. In case you don’t know, ojojo is made from blended water yam. It is delicious, easy to prepare and best served hot.

Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake Recipe | Ina Garten | Food Network
Food Network
If you want a simple but incredibly moist cake this Easter, then, go for coconut cake. Coconut cakes are known for their irresistible flavour and delicious taste. They are festive too. So, head out and buy some coconut cake ingredients. I can assure you that it will be one of your best desserts this season.

Fisherman’s Soup

Fisherman's Soup | McCormick Gourmet
It’s not every time Ofe Egusi and Ofe Ogbono. The calculations wey you don do on top that money for soup don do. Live a little; every soup is not meant to last for a week. Cook Fisherman’s Soup for a change. Your family will appreciate every taste of the seafood goodness that is this soup.

Nigerian Salad

Vegetable Salad Recipe | How to Make Foods in Nigeria
All Nigerian Foods
This meal is a festive delight. Nigerian Salad is nutrient-dense, rich and filling. It’s so versatile that it can serve as an appetizer, main dish or dessert. It can also be paired with any rice dish or chicken.

Peppered Snail

Peppered Snail - EazyLife
Eazy Life Restaurant & Lounge
What shall it profit you to celebrate Easter and not eat peppered snail? This finger food is a great source of protein. It is tasty too. Just buy some snails, clean them properly, boil and mix them in spicy and delicious pepper sauce.

White Rice and Fish Sauce

  Our celebrations in Naija will be incomplete without rice of any sort. But we must not always celebrate with fried rice or tomato stew. Not when we have other interesting options. Fish sauce is a pepper-based sauce that is as flavourful as it’s easy to prepare. You can prepare it with fresh fish, smoked fish or both.

Coconut Fried Rice

Sisi Jemimah's Recipe for the Perfect Nigerian Coconut Fried Rice | BellaNaija
This rice delicacy is bae. It looks like fried rice and tastes like coconut rice. So, go ahead and wow your family by preparing coconut fried rice for them. I hope you and your family will love these appetizing meals. Happy Easter in advance. Featured Image Source: Envirofit
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This article was first published on 3rd April 2021 and updated on April 6th, 2021 at 2:20 am


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