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  Businesses and even the government are at risk of suffering the huge damage caused by data breaches. Through various offline or online means such as the internet, bluetooth, text messages, or the online services that you use, hackers can get through to your business.
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Data breach is a security violation, in which sensitive, protected and confidential data is accessed, viewed, stolen or even used by an unauthorized user, otherwise known as a “hacker”. Stolen data may include credit card numbers, customer data, trade secrets or matters of national security. However, the best way to protect against the dreadful consequences and costs that come with data breaches is to prevent them. But before you can prevent a data breach, you need to understand it, as you cannot prevent what you don’t understand. Generally, data breaches occur due to:
  • Technology
  • User behaviour
  • Insider leak
  • Theft
  • Unintended disclosure
The major effects of a data breach can be a lasting issue for your brand reputation and finances. That is why it is necessary that it is avoided in every way possible.

Prevention Of Data Breaches

Adequate Security: All data ranging from personal data on employment applications to network files with customers’ credit card numbers and every other sensitive information should be adequately secured.
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It is believed that the first step in managing confidential information is to start with security in every department of your business, be it personnel, sales, accounting, information technology, etc.  By making conscious security-based choices about the kind of information you collect, how long you keep it, and who can access it, you can reduce the risk of a data breach in your business. Use Of Passwords And Authentication: If you have business or personal information stored on your network, it is advised to use strong authentication procedures and sensible passwords, as they can help ensure that only authorized individuals can access the data. Use strong cryptography to secure confidential material during storage and through all phases of transmission. The method will depend on the types of information your business collects, how you collect it and how you process it. Train Your Employees: It is one thing to prevent data breaches and it is another thing to understand what you are preventing. Fighting ignorance is one of the best ways to prevent data breaches. That is why it is important to educate your employees on how to protect data from being accessed by unauthorized users.  You can do this by helping them understand how to create strong passwords, how often they should change their passwords, and by guiding them on how to spot, avoid, and report possible frauds and other suspicious activities. In addition, ensure that at least, a good number of your employees understand how your company uses sensitive data and have the know-how to determine what’s appropriate for each situation. Maintain Up-To-Date Security Software: It is important to make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid a security breach in your system. It is advised that you purchase security software such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and anti-spyware software and automate it to run on a continuous basis. In addition, learn to update this software to keep them running. Employ An Expert: Managing a business is time-consuming and thinking about how to set up security systems to prevent data breaches may not be part of your expertise. However, you should consider hiring a security expert to run this for you; to help you avoid a data breach within your company. The damage caused by data breaches can be disheartening and some might last for long periods. As a business owner, you are expected to apply these prevention techniques in order not to be at risk of data breaching. When all these are put in place, then you can run your business smoothly and effectively. Featured Image Source: CSO Online
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This article was first published on 10th November 2021


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