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Nigeria has continued to raise talents in all spheres of life. Despite being a troubled nation dealing with a lot of problems. It has continued to raise talents in art, culture, entertainment as well as in tech.

It is no longer a secret that Nigeria is currently one of the poverty capital of the world.  And so, its youths are struggling to thrive and have chosen different paths in their quest for survival.

While Some have chosen to go about it the illegal way causing further problems to the nation. Others have decided to take advantage of modern technology and create a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their country.

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This group of Nigerian talents are now breaking into global mainstream tech and finance conversations.  And their impressive growth and success are now obvious in the global tech and finance space.  An example is Dare Adekoya, tech enthusiast and co-founder of Abeg. He is very talented, innovative and well on his way to dominating the world.  

Dare Adekoya is a tech enthusiast and the co-founder of “Abeg App” Nigeria, a fintech app that is developed by Abeg Technologies. The 27-year-old tech-smart individual was born in the year 1995 and hails from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Furthermore, he is a creative person with skills in areas such as; Programming, Graphics Design, Visual Design, User Interface design and many others. He came into the limelight after being named as the official sponsor of a multichoice show.

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Currently, Dare is based in Lagos, Nigeria. And has worked with many reputable brands. Firstly, he led several UI/UX solutions and worked on interfaces and experiences with Linda Ikeji Tv as well as other brands and supervised the completion of their designs. Secondly, he worked as a product designer for Swipe Max in 2018. While In 2019 and 2020, he worked under the same role for Sterling Bank as well as Voyance respectively. Other companies that Dare Adekoya has worked in over the years include StanbicITBC Bank, Lydia for the UID Campaign, Zenith and Bruk Oil Mills, and OneOs among others. Now, he is focused on designing a usable experience and interface for digital products and websites. As well as the running of his brainchild, Abeg” as its chief executive officer.
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In August 2020, he co-founded  Abeg Technologies with Akanni Muheez and Michael Oko as a fintech application. The Abeg App is a mobile payment app designed to cater to the needs of a diverse group of people. It offers people the flexibility of sending and receiving money by simply using phone numbers. By so doing, it makes payment transactions easier and quicker at a reduced cost. The app is already gaining traction and generating a buzz on social media for its unique approach to solving fintech problems.

Dare Adekoya, is one out of many Nigerian youths that is well on their way to greatness. Reach out to Dare on his social media handles on Twitter Handle @Dare_a and Instagram Handle @dare_._.

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This article was first published on 12th June 2022


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