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Skills4Life is a program being put together by DAFTECH (Digital Access Foundation for Technology Development), a not-for-profit organization with a mission to simplify technology, empower educators and inspire students. The program’s main target is to provide basic and advanced courses in Android, iOS, Windows app development, digital effects, classical character animation, film and video editing, graphic designs, and web and mobile publishing.   In a bid to tackle the scourge of unemployment and to further equip and empower Nigerians, DAFTECH was floated with a concrete objective: providing free technology educational services, digital learning and new media services to developmental organizations, civil society groups, educational institutions, students and also individuals.  


With the immense potential of the digital media industry in Nigeria, the main challenge is to fix the problem owing to lacking depth of technology skills necessary to fully harness the potential.   Skills4Life has been developed to bridge the widening skill-gap in a bid to further create employment opportunities. Speaking at the launch of the foundation, the Program Manager for West Africa, Adebisi Bakinson said, “We will provide a technology hub where learning and skills development thrives with the overall goal of reducing unemployment and creating technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa.”   The program, which has been scheduled to begin this month, would involve a selection of ninety participants every quarter. Each participant would be subjected to an intensive six- week training program for free in a well equipped classroom and digital studio. At the end of each quarterly session, certificates will be handed out to trainees, with the best student getting a MacBook Pro.     About the Author Akinola Odunukan is an entrepreneur in love with all things ‘Techy’. A Computer Engineer,Content and Concept Developer plus Social Media Buff, who is quite passionate about Leadership and Personal Development, he has authored two books: “From Chap to Champion” and “The Legendary Warrior Mindset” published on Amazon and Smashwords. Keeping tabs on great things happening within the Tech space, is just one of the things he does. Follow him on twitter @dekynsIV

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This article was first published on 26th July 2013

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