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Enugu State has the perfect blend of tourist destinations for relaxation and adventure. Even though they are in different Local Government Areas (LGA), you can get to most of the tourist destinations in the different LGA within an hour’s drive from the state’s capital, Enugu.

Here are 3 things you can do when visiting Enugu state:

1.     Explore Nature

Enugu is popular for its landscape and natural assets. You could set a weekend aside to explore as many as possible. Such as the Ani Ozalla Lake to see the Crocodiles, go hiking up Silicon Hill with its captivating valleys and plains and play sand games at Akwuke-Attakwu beach all in Nkanu West LGA near Enugu. You could go see the rare Sclater Monkey and other monkeys in Apugoeze community in Orji River LGA (near the borders of Anambra state). Your itinerary could also include visiting the Enugu forest reserve, the Cave of giants, Enugu Zoological Garden and Iheneke Lake. Or you could opt to spend time in either Ngwo Pine forest seeing the cave and its waterfall or Awhum cave and waterfall instead. With the vast numbers of caves, lakes and hills, there’s no limit the amount of fun you can have in nature in Enugu state.

2.     Chill at a Resort

Besides Nike Lake Resort, there are other resorts you can relax at. Such as the African Princess Resort with free WiFi, Spa and Wellness centre, daily entertainment and luxury villa accommodations in Enugu North LGA. Also, there is the Macdavos Hotel with a tennis court, swimming pool, birdcage and barbeque area in Enugu East LGA. Other resorts you can check out include University Ungel Guest House in Enugu East, Ceasars Palace and Richmond Hill in Enugu North. If staying indoors at a resort isn’t your cup of tea, you can stay in any Hotel within the state close to the attractions you are interested in seeing. There are some hotels that can arrange tour packages for their guests upon request e.g. Matfair Residency Hotel. Hotels are pretty affordable in Enugu metropolis compared to other popular cities.

3.     Visit an Amusement park

The Amusement Park business thrives well in Enugu state as quite a number compared with other states in Nigeria exists. The popular Parks include the Polo Mall Amusement Park and Oakland Amusement park. Other Parks include the Love Park in Enugu North, Enugu recreation club in Enugu North, Kidz ‘N’ Fun limited Park in New Haven, Enugu East, Magic Garden in GRA, Enugu, Perfect Concept in Enugu East and New Berries Park in Enugu North. Regardless of which one you choose, the parks are great for fun family relaxations and recreational activities.

Taking a city tour with an itinerary that includes visiting the Museums and landmarks like Old Government House, Eastern Region Parliamentary Building or Bona Gallery, eating Abacha or Okpa at any restaurant or from any street seller is still a great idea. But with the three points above, you can’t go wrong. You could even drop in during the months where the festivals hold like the Enugu Festival of Arts and Culture. Have you been to Enugu State? What would you recommend tourists should do when they come visiting?

Featured Image Source: Nike Lake Resort Hotel

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This article was first published on 26th August 2019


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