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  A productive company depends a lot on the company’s culture. Not just the do’s and don’ts from HR, but also the behaviour of the company staff. Workspace etiquette is an important determinant of overall company output and the effectiveness of their service.
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The importance of Workspace etiquette cannot be overemphasised. It is the first thing customers meet before getting to the management. Research has shown that the way the customer service of a company responds to clients is the way the clients view the company as a whole. To prove this phenomenon, most Nigerians who visit banks make their general assumptions based on a single interaction with the customer care representatives. The feedback is not always great and it begs the question, could Nigerian workspace etiquette be dead? Could the real reason why customers are not turning up to a company be a dead workspace etiquette? Could the customer care department do with some revamping? A study showed that people were more likely to revisit a company where they were welcomed than one where they were engaged rudely or at worse, with sterile tones. In the same vein, workspace etiquette demands that staff keep their emotional biases aside and treat the customers, first, as humans. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many organisations today. The staff of various corporations prefer to transfer managerial aggression to the clients. When this becomes a continuous action, it causes outsiders to paint a bad image of the company and in the long run, many people show a reluctance to use a product or service that refused to acknowledge them as important.
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Another demand of Workspace etiquette that staff grossly abuse in a typical Nigerian office is having lunch in the work area. The crux of the matter is offices are mandated to provide kitchens for their staff or an appropriate lunch area to prevent staff from eating in the corporate space. In reality, these facilities are not usually put in place; however, staff can have a better approach to having their lunch. This workspace etiquette is important because it can be disconcerting for the client to waste precious time, standing in a queue only to watch staff eat. The last determinant for the funeral of Workspace etiquette is proper restroom hygiene. Most staff have not learnt proper hygiene and do not clean up after themselves. Today’s corporate office usually provides adequate water and sanitation necessaries for staff and clients alike. However, this simple requirement for staff and clients alike to use proper hygiene in the restroom has been flushed down the drain. Generally, workspace etiquette cannot be ignored as it is the deciding factor of the growth or otherwise of a corporation. Where it is present, there is predictable growth in productivity. Where it is dead, there is a noticeable decline in the growth and productivity of a business. This then leaves the question to current employers or labour and employees; could the Nigerian workspace etiquette be dead in your corporation? Featured Image Source: Premier Workspace
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This article was first published on 27th July 2021


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