Post Image is a Logistics Ltd company based in Lagos, Nigeria. They got nominated for the Connect Nigeria  Top 100 emerging  SME  campaign  and were voted to 24th position with 256 votes in the Transport and Logistics category. About Quickmove Michael Folorunsho founded the company on 23rd  October 2017 – along with Co-founder Dumebi Onwodi – when he noticed the need for this professional service in Nigeria. Even though they ventured into this untapped market, they’ve been able to thrive through online marketing & referrals from previous customers. It hasn’t been smooth sailing though. Like every other business, they have had their fair share of challenges. For instance, they have dealt with misinformation from clients about the nature or location of the move after settling pricing. They’ve had to manage both clients and movers to ensure there are no obstructions to operations due to such challenges. Since its inception, they have had as much as 5-10 daily requests for their services from prospective clients. Their clientele includes both individuals and Corporate Organisations. Examples of organisations they have worked with are Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA), Yokogawa Nigerian Ltd and Major Oil Marketing Association of Nigeria (MOMAN). They have helped clients move within Lagos state and outside Lagos to other states like Nasarawa state. Quickmove services Logistics Ltd is an ideal company for moving and relocation. So whether your company is changing office locations or you are moving out of town, their job is not only to transport your items, but also to make the parking process stress-free. It’s a thing of pride for workers of to ensure the process is seamless and carried out effectively. If you have already parked your property and just need a truck to move it to its destination, has truck rental services to suit your needs. Their moving trucks are owned and maintained by the company to ensure their optimal performance. Another service they render is in-house estimates. They carry out in-house estimates to determine your belonging and the cost of the move. So before you use their services, they can itemise all your belongings and provide you with a similar list before and after the move to confirm if anything got lost during the move. As for the safety of your property, all furniture is padded with a durable and breathable stretch wrap. If you have a deadline and need to move ASAP like the next day or within 24 hours, they can offer you “Quick Service” but at an additional cost. Quickmove Operations Once you contact, their customer care agent will ask for confirmation of your request. This confirmation usually includes booking a date for inspection of the items to be moved. Once that is done, pricing will be decided and a date for the move fixed. A day before the move, they will send over the parking materials if you are relocating locally within a state. But if it is a long distance move, the packing materials will arrive that same day. If you are moving within the same town, you will get to use the same movers for pick up and drop off. But if you are moving interstate, you will use two different professional movers in both states. But fear not, the movers are all Full-time or part-time workers in the same company. The actual packing and moving of property will be done on a date agreed by you and the company. For more information, call 07034689935 or email them via

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This article was first published on 23rd October 2018


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