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Madecore Solar is a Nigerian solar energy company founded by Solar Storage Specialist Toba Adenaike. The company specializes in solar power generation, energy storage solutions, and providing energy investment plan for businesses and individuals. The business office is located in Ikeja, Lagos.

Madecore Solar seeks to provide Nigerians with clean and reliable energy via its solar energy solutions which is a much better alternative/remedy to the unreliable power supply we are used to. In a bid to include those not able to pay the full cost for a solar storage system, Madecore allows flexible payment with interest rates it claims are the lowest in the market. Payments can be made in instalments within 36 months. To build trust and ensure their customers get value for their money, they provide after sales service covering all operational stages from installation to commissioning, training and long-term maintenance and repair.

Services provided by the company include:

Solar Storage for Homes

They provide intelligent, affordable small-to-medium scale solar power generation and energy storage solution for residential customers. This reduces electricity bills and ensures constant and consistent power supply for homes.

Solar Storage for Schools

They offer energy solutions to schools by installing solar canopies to generate power and also provide shading for parked vehicles on sunny days. Schools are able to save money and make the most of underutilized spaces.

Madecore solar panel compressor.

Solar Storage for Business

Providing reliable, sustainable and independent energy for businesses with a return on investment in less than two years. Businesses get to have total control over their electricity usage and as well as a friendly environment free of noise and other environmental pollution.

Solar Storage for Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are able to lower their energy expenditures, improve their bottom-line and gain competitive advantage from the energy generated by solar canopies the company installs on their rooftops and parking lots.

Solar Storage for Server Rooms

Server room operators can have their concerns about high facility operating costs taken care of by Madecore as it is able to minimize those costs across their server room locations nationwide.

Solar Storage for Transit Stations

Providing sustainable and reliable power solutions for transit stations.

Madecore has successfully carried out installations in several high-rise places in the country including homes and business premises, and this year made it as one of Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs.

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This article was first published on 24th December 2018


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