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Servicing the transportation and logistics need of a country with well over 119 million people can be an uphill task. Though there are lots of people that can drive, few drivers can truly claim to adhere to road etiquettes. This is where DriversNg comes in. DriversNg is an easy to use online platform (not an agency) that provides quick access to already verified and trained professional drivers for recruitment and transport purposes, on demand and in real time. They were 39th in the  Connect Nigeria Top 100 emerging SMEs list with 188 votes. The Origin of DriversNg Audu Daniel along with Ajayi Jacobs and Ismail Osunlana founded the company in 2016. Audu Daniel who is the CEO of DriversNg, is a Microsoft certified Project manager, Human resource expert, business strategist and developer, with a degree in Real Estate. He has over 7 years of experience in developing Human Resource based systems using technology. While Ajayi Jacob is Co-founder and the head of Operations at DriversNg with over 10 years of experience in operations, project management and logistics. Ismail Osunlana is not just a Co-founder, he is the CTO of DriversNg, a web designer and mobile developer with 6 years’ experience with mobile development, SEO analysis, etc. He has worked with start-up companies to build tech products from the ground up. The vision of DriversNg is to become Africa’s Transportation Hub, where people can access Driving and Transportation Solutions in Real Time and On-demand. Though the transport and logistics industry seem saturated with service providers, DriversNg stands out within the short time they have been in the space because of the level of knowledge they have shown in understanding the industry. They leverage on technology, emphasis on service quality, delivery on short notice,  solutions responsive in real time and building lifelong relationships with all their users.
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As with any SME, DriversNg has faced many challenges including lack of funding, but they consider their greatest challenge to be the need to change people’s psychology; how they think and live because it impacts how DriversNg functions as a company. Their motivation, however, comes from understanding the value of what their solutions give their clients – comfort, convenience and security. Also, being able to contribute to the growth of the NIgeria by reducing the unemployment rates is a great booster. DriversNg Services DriversNg links clients up with qualified drivers and provide certified professional training for aspiring drivers. They help drivers get jobs around their location and handle payments of their salaries and other benefits when the jobs are completed. DriversNg train drivers to use smart transport solutions (e.g. use of GPS, Google Maps, etc.) for vehicle owners, fleet operators and road transport companies. In Drivers Ng, people who enjoy being mobile in a vehicle can get the training they need to allow them to pursue driving as a career. The platform is ideal because it understands drivers lifestyle and how to communicate it to prospective clients so the drivers get maximum satisfaction from their jobs. The training is open to anyone passionate about the cab hiring business, learning how to drive trucks, cars, vans, buses, motorbikes or Keke. If you already have drivers, DriversNg can help you train them. The services of DriversNg are for business/corporate entities and individuals who want professional drivers who are already vetted. You can get drivers through the platform for full time or short-term basis like school run, church group outings, hospital emergency pick up and drop-off, wedding bridal party, personal use, Uber, hotel or airport transfers, etc. You can also get drivers for intercity or intra-city movements. How DriversNg works All you need to do is make a call or go to DriversNg website/app to request a driver. They have a full range of packages to choose from based on your specific need. Once you choose a package and you have made payment, DriversNg will assign a driver within your location to you. If you want to engage a driver on their platform, go to the website and click Get Started or search through their archives with their search bar to get your preferred driver. Though it is important to note that their Drivers only drive comprehensively insured vehicles. If your vehicle doesn’t meet this criteria, you can get this insurance package on their website. Third party insurance is also acceptable but you may need to speak with their customer service agent for more on that. DriversNg operate in the following cities: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kaduna, Uyo, Abeokuta, Kano, Benin, Benue, Delta and Jos. For more information or to contact them, call 07062483241 or email

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This article was first published on 2nd November 2018


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