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According to George Orwell, all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others. Quality and speciality is a distinguishing factor found amongst many product and services. Some have decided to imbibe it into their core values in rendering quality goods and services just to suit the target client. An example of such category of professionals is August Secrets Nigeria.

August Secrets Nigeria is a rare and distinguished baby and toddler food solutions company which specialises in making homemade cereals and recipes. It was officially set on course in August 2016 and was born out of a passion for helping Nigerian Mothers home and abroad to feed their children who are natural picky-eaters with healthier food options.

Feeding babies are a herculean task as babies barely eat just anything given to them. Most mothers find this exhausting. With these recurring problems, August Secrets Nigeria presents excellent formulations for babies from 6 months being introduced to semi-solid and solid meals. The array of meals meets international standards and are very healthy for babies and toddlers alike.

Aimed at making kids’ meals fun, simple and healthy, August Secrets provides recipes online and runs a homemade food range of paps and locally-made cereals from common home-grown foodstuffs like vegetables, fruits, and grains.

As a movement, the brand has her major strength in providing meal solutions for busy mothers and uncanny eating children who are malnourished due to displacements and inappropriate feeding.

Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo, a mother of two, the Picky Eater specialist, journalist, recipe developer and children food blogger is the genius and founder of August Secrets Nigeria. She also holds a diploma in Infant and Young Child Nutrition from Standford’s Continuing Studies program.

August Secrets Nigeria

August Secrets Nigeria has reached more than 50,000 young mothers all over the world with its products, recipes and cooking tips designed just for children.

A list of the brand’s products includes August Secret Crayfish, August Secret Fish, Nutty Meal, Mix-a-Grain and Veggie Beans; and literature on meal plans.

With the required expertise and passion, August Secrets Nigeria implements the best practices which guide it on making its products and services. It also runs a blog where it shares recipes as well as vital secrets for parents who are weaning babies from 6 months to the age of five.

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This article was first published on 7th November 2018


An Environment Resource Management graduate of Abia State University with her Masters in-view, Chinwe is also a Columnist, an OAP, a sought-after motivational speaker and writer with special interest in food and the balance of diet.

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