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Imagine a network of African entrepreneurs communicating and doing business together. Now picture the effects a fully functional hub as this would have on the springing entrepreneurial space in Africa.

One major bane of growing businesses in this part of the world and everywhere else today, is poor business continuity models, and this is largely due to the absence of experienced mentors and partners to guide young entrepreneurs. A business continuity model is a plan to prevent and control possible threats to the effective running of a business such as lack of funding, supply chain interruptions, damage to critical infrastructure, and other issues.

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs is an initiative that seeks to connect growing businesses in Africa to potential partners and mentors within and outside the continent.

With a membership strength of over 12,900 entrepreneurs, affiliates of the network contribute to the flow of investment distribution in Africa by patronizing and helping one another. A.Y.E is dedicated to shaping the next generation of African entrepreneurs who will become future political and social pillars of their immediate communities.

The organization aims at collectively growing Africa’s entrepreneurship space as a first step to tackling longstanding issues facing young entrepreneurs in the continent.

As a means to connect growing businesses to established leaders in various sectors of the economy, A.Y.E organizes an annual Networking With The Giants Conference, which is aimed at helping members forge new partnerships that will lead to big investments deals with the potential to create more job opportunities across the continent.

If one business can grow to become a fortune-500 venture, then think of what an alliance of great young entrepreneurs will do in the same time.

Click here to join the A.Y.E.

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This article was first published on 26th November 2018 and updated on December 4th, 2018 at 9:15 am


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