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AdTaxi Nigeria is a media company that offers rideshare advertising services to help businesses gain exposure. Its advertising outlets are solely through cabs and other taxi services where riders can engage with banners placed at strategic points on the cab.

AdTaxi has grown to be a market leader in rideshare advertising with a reach of up to 60,000 cabs all over Nigeria. The media platform uses trending cab services such as Uber, Taxify etc.


The company offers several formats or products for your advertising content which includes: cabtop, side door, full wrap, inside advertising and/or a combination. You also get headrest advertising, flyer dispenser and special promotions inside the taxi.

AdTaxi leverages the economies of outdoor advertising to make sure their clients get the widest reach. Trending cabs usually roam free all day covering the best spots around including commercial areas, airports, hotels, etc. Thus they create a high campaign recall for clients.

Adverts are usually protected with a Plexiglas cover against wind, weather and vandalism.

AdTaxi also provides other media services including search engine optimization, content marketing, responsive website design, logo and creative design and more.

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This article was first published on 20th August 2018


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