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So many entrepreneurs start out with just an idea and no specific strategies on how to set the ball rolling. At this phase, any hicup can be quite discouraging and as a result, most of these self-starters, unfortunately, end up quitting before they can reach their full potentials. A support system is therefore needful for startups to thrive and finally be profitable in their endeavors to address uprising needs in the society.

Corporate Bestie has set out to solve this particular problem by aiming to be the ideal support system for entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to build and grow. Its co-founder, Bestie Tamara Atti describes it as the “best friend” to entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs because it is set to provide them with diverse services so that what may be today’s wild dream for them may be tomorrow’s flourishing business.

Corporate Bestie, founded by Bestie Tamara Atti, a lawyer by profession and her husband Akpoebi Samuelson Atti, a Digital Product Designer and Developer with core competencies in web development and mobile application. They both started out as professionals looking to switch gears in their careers. Aside from Bestie being a Lawyer by profession, she had also steeped herself in the world of business and digital marketing and as a result, this gave her the opportunity to work with local and international brands such as Facebook, World Bank, Google, Techstars, and Ventures Platform. Akpeobi, on the other hand, was serving in the military and had built a career in web and mobile applications.

Together they have merged their skills to not only give a whole new meaning to their careers but also serve the diverse number of entrepreneurs looking to build and make worthwhile ventures out of their business ideas. Through the wealth of in-demand skills they have at their disposal, they have created Corporate Besties as a support system for entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, and corporations providing them with the following services namely:

–    Business Advisory/Consultancy Services

–    Business Registration, Incorporation of Companies and NGOs

–    Website/App Development

–    Virtual Assistance

–    Digital Marketing

–    Training Sessions

Bestie and Akpeobi established Corporate Bestie with the understanding of what entrepreneurs face when just starting out in business. In 2018, it got the recognition it deserved when it was named one of Nigeria’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs. The recognition which was jointly masterminded by Connect Nigeria and Union Bank has successfully promoted Corporate Bestie as the innovative, outstanding and purpose-driven brand it is.

Seeing how far Corporate Bestie has come, it is safe to say that it has the potentials to achieve its goal of disrupting the business landscape in Nigeria. “We believe that the work we are doing will help 2,000 entrepreneurs and SMEs in Nigeria to successfully achieve their diverse business goals by 2020. So far, we have supported over 1,000 entrepreneurs via our various services. In the very nearest future, we hope to expand our services to other African countries so as to reach a new crop of entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs in need of business, development and marketing support for their businesses”, explained Bestie. 

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This article was first published on 27th February 2019


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