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Tailor Nimi brings two things to the table; firstly, a platform for fashion designers/creative minds in fashion to access fashion supplements, complements, embellishments and accessories, to suit their taste and sense of style. Secondly, the Tailor Nimi academy, which is a specialized school that offers certificates in Fashion Design, created for those who intend to come into the industry or reinvent themselves. These two dimensions of Tailor Nimi are great contributory factors to their emergence in the Connect Nigeria’s Top 100 SMEs. Tailor Nimi: Not Just Fashion but Empowerment
The vision of Tailor Nimi transcends just fashion, it actually seeks empowerment for young people, especially the secondary schools and university categories. The consequence is to make these young people see beyond the normal civil service and endless job searching lifestyle, to becoming entrepreneurs, as well as increasing the vista through which they view life. Embedded in this vision, is the mission to become a one-stop shop for sewing supplies in Nigeria, so much so that, one could access-and have delivered to the doorstep-whatever sewing supplies they require from the comfort of their homes/ offices.Irrespective of the size and seeming significance of the sewing supplies; whether little pins and sewing books, or Industrial sewing machines; whether in retail sizes or wholesale quantities. Whatever and however, Tailor Nimi seeks to be ‘the Place’. Tailor Nimi Academy Founded by Aderonke McKenzie and other highly skilled colleagues from the fashion industry, the aim of the Tailor Nimi academy is to educate and train students in a wide variety of fashion skills, ranging from fashion design to production design. The academy is a specialist tailoring school based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a very elaborate structure for learning; standards, practices and facilities, it gives both theory and practical or work-based trainings, given that, its orientation is similar to any other technical institution.[1]
Tailor Nimi
The academy designs programs that, focuses on the sewing and pattern drafting skills used in the fashion industry. This is done with the closest possible simulations of the standards, practices and facilities as obtainable anywhere in the fashion industry. It incorporates both creative tailoring aspect, as well as the business dimension of fashion for those that would eventually like to start a fashion business. These programs include: Completely Full Package Courses, which cover the business side of fashion, body shape styling, pattern drifting, incorporation of men, women, children clothes etc. covered in an extremely comprehensive and detailed curriculum split into 7 stages. The Complete Package Course, which differs from the completely full package course in the ‘take-away’ packages and learning accessories. Other programs include;The Complete Male Wear, which includes suit making program, and explores mainly, different categories of male wears; natives, jacket collars, t-shirts, trousers etc. The Male Wear Course, which focuses on pattern drafting and sewing of male native wears only. There is also the Female Wear Course that covers all aspects of pattern making and sewing for female wears, with emphasis on advanced dart manipulations, evening wears, corset and detailing. Then the Female Wear Short Course that covers aspects of skirt making, bodice and trouser. The Tailor Nimi academy also offers programs on Children Wear, Fashion Illustration and Bridal Wear Courses, Online/Weekend Classes and Teenage Summer Class.[2] Tailor Nimi provides room for ‘no excuse’ for the young generation; providing the platform, the trainings and skills that will empower one to possess the barest minimum ability to excel both as a fashionista, and as an entrepreneur.   Sources: Tailor Nimi Academy Featured Image Source:

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This article was first published on 17th December 2018


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