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Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable, but it does not have to be detrimental to morale or productivity. Disagreements are inevitable in a workplace when people have different perspectives on the same issues. Workplace conflict is a harsh reality that contributes to low productivity and frustration. A conflict amongst employees, on the other hand, requires immediate action. Some basic guidelines apply when dealing with conflict:

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Recognize the source of the conflict

Clarifying the source of conflict is the first step toward resolving it. Knowing the source of the disagreement will help you understand how the problem arose in the first place. Obtain as much information as possible on each side’s outlook. Continue to ask questions until you are certain that all people involved understanding the situation.

Find a discreet and safe place to talk.

Communication is crucial in conflict resolution. To have a productive conversation with the parties involved, you must first find a safe environment to talk in. It should not be either party’s office or a location close to it. While you’re there, make sure that each side has enough time to express their thoughts on the issue. This will assist you in discovering the truth about the matter.

Concentrate on the issue rather than the person.

Avoid your preconceived notions about people. Concentrate on determining and resolving the conflict. If, after a careful and thorough examination, you find that the individual is the problem, then concentrate on the individual. Before focusing on individuals, first, address the root cause of the problem.

Actively listen

Another technique to resolve a disagreement is to listen. Inform both sides that you are listening to them and are worried about the situation. While in the meeting, have a pleasant and assertive attitude. Set ground rules if necessary.

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Taking this method will urge both sides to express themselves openly and honestly, as well as comprehend the origins of the disagreement.

Determine how to achieve the common goal.

When resolving disagreements, you must have a common goal, which is to resolve the issue and prevent it from resurfacing. This will allow you to look for the best solutions to achieve the common goal. After determining the source of the problem and speaking with both parties, you must sit down with both parties and discuss the common strategies you can execute to achieve the common goal of resolving the issue at hand.

Take decisive action.

Make your judgment and act after gathering information, speaking with all persons involved, and reviewing all circumstances. Don’t let the situation linger. Taking too long to make a decision may harm your credibility and their opinion of you. Not everyone will agree with your decision, but they will at least know where you stand.

Decide on the best solution and assign responsibility to each party in the resolution.

Employees will find it easier to interact with one another since they recognize that they all have the same aim in mind: fulfilling the company’s objectives.

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Both parties must reach an agreement on the best solution to the situation. And, to reach an agreement on the best option, you must first identify the solutions that each party may accept. Find some common ground. Determine the roles and responsibilities of each side in settling the disagreement.

Determine future prevention efforts.

Never assume that the problem is irreversible. Make sure you put in place preventative measures to avoid this happening. Continue to monitor the situation and determine whether the solution is working. If the problem reappears, take the necessary steps. This will assist you to understand what you can do if the problem arises again.

Conflict is a normal aspect of our existence. You have the right to disagree with your family, friends, or coworkers. However, there are certain conflict resolution procedures you may take to guarantee that this situation is not unmanageable. Managing and resolving conflict at work is critical to achieving organizational objectives. So, if you have any issues or conflicts in your company, search for the best approaches to handle the situation. The tips and strategies listed above can help you learn how to resolve workplace problems.

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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


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