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Coding Myths In Nigeria


Computer programming is an important part of today’s society: it drives innovations and inventions in areas of medicine, automation, and other fields. However, for many people, the idea of coding seems to be far removed from their daily lives. With little knowledge or interest in computer programming, it may seem impossible to learn how to code.

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It may seem like a tricky and difficult task that requires years of schooling and a certain level of technical understanding. The myths surrounding coding are also discouraging individuals from exploring coding and what it has to offer. All these ideas are false!.

There are myths about coding and coders that make people reluctant to pursue it as a skill. Myths like “You need to be very good at mathematics or being too old to learn to code” have stopped too many people from wandering down the coding career track including me. If you want to pursue a career in coding, you need to debunk these myths. They are designed to make you think you can’t make it as a coder or that it’s one Herculean task you will never complete.

Here are myths on coding you need to banish.

  • You need to be a genius to code: The truth is that when you have the desire and willingness to work hard, you can learn to code. And as long as you can communicate you can learn to program. Coding is a language, with its vocabulary and grammar, and it allows you to communicate with a machine to complete a task. The languages of code may seem difficult to learn at first. But the modern programming languages of today are designed to be logical and easy to understand. Becoming a good programmer depends on dedication, creativity, and learning how to think to solve problems rather than just the smartest.
  • It’s too late to start coding: There are no stipulated ages to start programming although it’s best to start early. Coding is rising in demand and there are learning resources available for all ages.
  • You must be good in mathematics: Coding is about writing in codes, not maths formulas. Only the basic algebra you learned in school is needed except for gaming that requires trigonometry and physics.

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  • Once you master a language, you are done learning: This is completely false. Learning is a continuous process that never ends. As such coding is always evolving and the second you feel you’ve mastered a language, you’ll find tons of new things to learn about it. New knowledge is being uploaded and one has to be abreast of many emerging trends to stay relevant. And then you’ll have to relearn things you learned before because they’ve been updated. The learning never stops and staying current in the best practices is important, otherwise, you will end up knowing outdated software that no one uses anymore.
  • I have to go to the university to learn to code: Obtaining a degree from a university is a worthwhile endeavour in many cases. But there are so many resources online from interactive learning websites like Codecademy, audacity, udemy, Coursera, and other tutorials that can teach you coding from the comfort of your home. Coding Bootcamp, like Code Institute, is an efficient way to learn to code. Immersing yourself in the focused and fun environment of a boot camp will allow you to learn how to code in a matter of weeks, not years – enabling you to get a head start in your career sooner than through a university.
  • Everyone could be a programmer: No. One must have not just desire to be a programmer, but also have some addiction to it. Programming is not closed or elite art. It’s just another human occupation. And as not everyone could be a doctor or a businessman so not everyone could be a programmer.
  • Please fix any electronic device here or set up my printer you are a programmer!:  Yes, I’m a programmer, not an electronic engineer nor a system administrator. I write programs, not fix devices, set up software or hardware!

People unintentionally spread false information due to ignorance. As long as no information or data validates these myths, the next action will be to debunk them and move on.

Coding skills are seen by young Nigerians as a way to earn money from foreign firms. In the population of 200 million people, there is a high rate of unemployment especially among youths aged 20 to 34, and coding is one of the ways to curb the rate of unemployment. Due to these coding myths, youths are discouraged to take un coding. Myths are not valid so new beginners should take un coding without fear or fret.


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