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Technology giant, Rocket Internet has launched Carmudi in Nigeria. Carmudi is a platform that allows people to find commercial vehicles and motorcycles online. The website allows vehicle dealers and agents to post and buyers to find cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles online. Nigeria is one of five countries that Carmudi has going live, including Mexico, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Speaking on the launch, a Managing Director for Asia Classifieds with Rocket Internet, Koen Thijssen, said, “After having successfully developed our vehicle websites in five emerging markets in the past couple of months, we are excited to continue our global roll out and unify our services under our new brand name, Carmudi.” “So far, across all markets we have already signed a large number of vehicle dealers and agents, registered extremely fast growing traffic on our websites and received great feedback from our users.”

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This article was first published on 29th October 2013

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