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Nigerian car website, has launched a five-day money-back guarantee product aimed at increasing the credibility of car purchase on the website. According to Checki, customers are allowed five days to test drive the purchased car as long as they do not go more than 400 miles on it. The car website said the idea is aimed at ensuring Cheki customers receive value for every car purchased through trusted car dealers via the platform. “As a buyer, all you need to do to access this guarantee is to visit, choose a car and ensure that the money-back guarantee logo is on the car, signifying that the car will be guaranteed for five days. Click on the contact seller tab and a Cheki representative will contact you immediately to put you through the documentation process,” the company said in a statement. Customers were also promised that they would get their money back during the five-day period, if there were faults found with the car; which were previously undisclosed. The General Manager of Cheki Nigeria, Tomi Hodonu said, “No other car website has made this kind of commitment to sanitizing the car market and ensuring that car buyers get the best offers; Car buyers want to protect themselves from buying faulty cars, and dealers are looking for means to assure the buyers that they are trustworthy.”  

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This article was first published on 23rd April 2015

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