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In Nigeria, some platforms offer individuals access to invest in both local and foreign stocks. An example of such a platform is Chaka. Which was Co-founded in January 2019 by Tosin Osibodu (CEO) and Olaolu Ajose (CTO).

What is Chaka?

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Chaka is a platform that helps Nigerians access opportunities for borderless digital investments and wealth management. In other words, it’s an “investment passport” that facilitates borderless investing for its users. Chaka creates opportunities for Nigerians to invest in dollar assets and at the same time allows foreigners to invest in Nigerian assets. Its app hosts over 4,000 stocks from publicly quoted companies in Nigeria and the US. All it takes to sign up is an internet-enabled smartphone. Through which one can download the app, sign up and begin investing with a minimum of $2 or ₦1,000.

How safe is Chaka?

Whenever investments are mentioned, most Nigerians become Sceptical. And no one should blame them for this. Since the rise of Ponzi schemes and scams, startups have to observe several rules as well as obtain licenses to assure users that their money is safe. Thus, Chaka has remained transparent about its regulatory status by leveraging strategic partnerships with registered brokers.

All brokerage investments on its platform are facilitated by Citi Investment Capital Limited, a duly licensed brokerage firm registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS), and regulated by the Nigerian Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Similarly, its local assets are registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) and regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC). On the other hand, the Dollar assets, are regulated by the U.S. FINRA and the U.S. SEC.

What does Chaka offer its Users?

Basically, Chaka is an investment platform for individuals to invest their money and earn returns. Some of its unique features include:

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SmartInvest: This feature allows users to access top-performing dollar portfolios curated by certified wealth management experts. What’s more, users don’t need to have prior investment experience to invest. Since the platform recommends investment portfolios tailored to their goals and risk level.

Stocks: This feature allows users to purchase, sell, and hold stocks from over 40 countries globally including the US and UK. Additionally, it offers users instant access to more than 4000 stocks & ETFs on the NASDAQ, Nigerian Stock Exchange, as well as the New York Stock Exchange.

Refer and Earn: This feature allows users to Build wealth with the people they love and earn rewards for it. For every person, a user invites that creates an account and places a trade of $10 (or more). The user can earn up to $50.

Bank-Level Protection: This feature ensures that all website traffic is encrypted and protected by using AES bank-level encryption. To provide security between the devices of users and their servers. Ultimately, making the user’s transaction details private.

Asides from Chaka’s conventional stock trading app for retail investors, it also offers Chaka SDK. The SDK allows asset managers and financial institutions to offer digital investments. Another of its feature is the Chaka for Business. Which is for direct business onboarding and trading tools for institutional investors.

How to Invest with Chaka

Before opening a Chaka Account, users need to have a phone number, email address, Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a valid means of identification. When these requirements are available, users can now follow the steps below to invest.

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Create an account.

Fund the digital wallet.

Invest in any portfolio of choice whether local or foreign.

Also, there is the SmartInvest feature. This allows experts to recommend a portfolio suitable for each user’s goals.

Final words

Investing with Chaka is very affordable. Therefore, anyone can invest in it. What’s more, it is safe, reliable and secure. Download the app on the Google Play Store and iOS app store to begin an investment journey that will be rewarding.

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This article was first published on 11th June 2022


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