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Mercy Aigbe is an A-list Nigerian celebrity. She has graced our screens several times and have written her name in gold in the Nigeria entertainment industry. After her announcement of getting married to her husband, Kazim Adeoti, a popular Nollywood producer, it sparked a lot of controversy and she was labeled a husband snatcher. 
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It seems as though Mercy has developed a thick skin as she ignores the bashing, and posts more pictures of herself and her husband. Her husband is an Alhaji, a Muslim faithful who has gone on pilgrimage to Mecca. Iyawo Alhaji, simply means one who is married to an Alhaji. As the wife of an Alhaji, the regalia outfit is befitting for her status. The outfit itself has generated so many positive looks. This is not the first time Mercy Aigbe has been praised for wearing unique fashion statements. The controversy surrounding her marriage has even made the outfit more popular. douzngrace_collection made the fabulous Iyawo Alhaji dress in their lux collection. The regalia outfit comes in different beautiful colors and quality fabrics. The outfitwhich has the Abaya look and extra is definitely a bang. The look is completed with a turban and a clean natural makeup. A little portion of the hair is exposed and the edges are laid to perfection.  The Iyawo Alhaji regalia was made in different colors, white, purple, gold and blue, but the gold color is the most popular and has been recreated by people, celebrities and non celebrities. A look at douzngrace_collection page on instagram shows that the regalia is still very much available for purchase and that it is loved by many. Mercy Aigbe Celebrities are not immune to the aura and sophistication surrounding the Iyawo Alhaji regalia. Few female celebrities have therefore, recreated the outfit. Eniola Ajao She is a Nollywood actress. A popular face in the Youruba acting scene. She is known for both her talent and immense beauty. Seeing the Iyawo Alhaji regalia, she bought hers from the designer. Hers was made in color green. Her makeup was simple yet sophisticated and beautiful. 
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Seeing her face in the pictures she posted, it was obvious she was very happy with the look.  She wore a turban by abydouz_gele, the same designer Mercy got her turban from. She and Mercy can pass as sisters in their respective regalia. She calls her look the sophisticated woman vibe. Reposting Eniola’s picture on her page, Mercy Aigbe wrote ‘awww @eniola_ajao I love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍’. Replying to her post, Eniola reposted the picture and wrote ‘you already know I LOVE YOU big my minnalicious sweet sis💘💘’. Eniola’s look is definitely a bang. Mercy Aigbe and Eniola Ajao Nkechi Blessing Nkechi is also a Nollywood actress, she features in both English and Youruba films. She went for the gold color, exactly the same as Mercy’s outfit. Sharing the picture of the dress and turban she got from the same designer as Mercy in her Instagram page, she wrote ‘I told realmercyaigbe I would recreate this look and I did’.  She then went on to call herself Haija Amerah. She told her fans that the outfit is not for her birthday, rather it is her new month look. Mercy reposted the picture and said she loves Nkechi Blessing Sunday and she wishes her a happy birthday in advance. Mercy Aigbe and Nkechi Blessing Which of them do you think wore the look better? Mercy Aigbe, Eniola Ajao or Nkechi Blessing? Photo credit: Instagram
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This article was first published on 13th February 2022

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