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The second-hand gadgets market is booming and people have found premium phones for cheaper prices through it. Today, a typical new smartphone cost quite a lot especially iPhones. Such that a smartphone buyer who wants a premium phone will have to spend quite above100,000. However, all hope is not lost. Used or refurbished smartphones present an opportunity to own premium smartphones without having to break the bank.

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Although the idea of ‘used’ or ‘refurbished phones may not sit well with many, still, it’s an opportunity to purchase quality phones if you are careful and patient. Hence, it is important to do a proper check to make sure you are not buying a potential problem. This is because you are still spending a good amount of money even if it’s fairly usedHere are some tips to get you started.

Find A trusted dealer or Site

Numerous online marketplaces and individuals sell used phones. These phones are usually Nigerian used or Shipped into Nigeria from other countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany etc. Before buying a used phone, make sure that the site is well known and used very well by people. If it is an individual, you need to identify a specific location where the person is. Never buy a used phone without meeting the seller face to face. Take the time to do proper market research to spot a good place.

Understand the fine print

There’s a difference between used, refurbished, and open-box phones. Therefore it’s important to know the difference so you don’t get disappointed when you see the device.

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Used phones: These are phones that have been used for a specified period. They usually come with wear and tear which depends on who used them and how long it was used.

Refurbished: These are phones that have been subjected to some form of reconditioning. This is aimed at bringing it back to its former glory days.

Open in-box phone: These are practically new but technically used. Any mobile phone that comes with opened or tampered packaging is technically considered as used. They usually cost more than your typical used or refurbished smartphone, but the price point is still significantly lower than brand new smartphones.

Be wary of cheap prices

The used gadgets market is just like any other marketplace. You get what you pay for. Anyone who sells smartphones knows the market worth of any device they are trying to sell. Therefore, they price it as such. While you can be lucky to come across a good deal, be wary of phone listings with ridiculously low prices. The chances of getting scammed or receiving a defective device increase with these kinds of deals.

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Worse still, the smartphone could be a stolen device, in which case you become complicit in a theft case.

Conduct thorough checkup on the phone

Used and refurbished phones are not brand new, so there are bound to be one or two defects here and there. Some sellers go the extra mile to point out the flaws with the phone while others turn a blind eye. To be safe, conduct a proper check on the battery, specs, wear and tear, IMEI, camera, screen, ports, etc.

Protect your Money

Generally, scammers are rife in any marketplace. The secondhand market is no exception. To stay clear of swindlers and their gimmicks, don’t pay for a phone you have not received. Especially when you’re dealing with an unknown seller. Pay after you have seen and inspected the phone.

Final Words

Do not share any personal information like a home address for delivery. You can decide to meet somewhere public if you are meeting the seller directly. It is not enough that it is outside, it should not be too secluded. In addition, bring someone with you as a buffer. Not only will it make you more confident to question what needs to be questioned, but the other person will also assist in checking the phone. This will make the seller less inclined to commit anything nefarious with two people present. 

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This article was first published on 6th June 2022


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