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 In Nigeria of today, people no longer build homes that last as we used to know. Nowadays we build workshops instead and we now turn ourselves into apprentices, learning how to repair one item in the house or another.

Today, we find ourselves repairing doors, plumbing items, electrical appliances, bed, chairs, generator set, and so on. Why? Because we’ve opened up our country to inferior products all in the name of cheaper prices.

What we think we save today by buying inferior products, we spend tomorrow when those inferior products have to be repeatedly repaired or replaced with more inferior products. People no longer get value for their money.

As a result, we have numerous visitors like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, bricklayers, painters, etc visiting our homes for one repair or the other because the value system in our society has depreciated drastically.emilinks homes 1

The question now is: where is the value system or rather where have the quality products gone to in Nigeria?

Now, we need to go back to our drawing board in order to restore value in our land, by making a lot of amendments in our system. We need to remind ourselves that we deserve quality at affordable prices.

Emilinks Limited through the visionary founder and CEO, Solomon E. Nwadiogbu is championing this cause in the construction industry to help Nigerians build homes that last as a result of the quality products used. Through the ongoing complete your house promo, the company has crashed the prices of her premium quality products and is offering N1 Billion worth of discounts on the following product categories.emilinks homes 2

A 900mm x 2.1m hand-finished wooden door now selling for between ₦150,000 and ₦120,000 instead of the usual ₦350,000.

Also, the bestselling solid wood flush door that is used in thousands of new homes across the country is now down from ₦110,000 to only ₦50,000, just like the Economic Flush Door which currently sells for ₦40,000 rather than N60,000.

The Emilinks made-in-Italy fire-rated door now selling at only ₦150,000.

The Emilinks Historic Armour Door was normally valued at ₦3m; now it is only ₦1m. This is remarkable because the Armour Door is made with galvanised steel and pure forest wood.

Similarly, all non-corroding, non-rusting security doors that used to retail at ₦370,000 per unit are now available at ₦150,000 each.

A 3-meter kitchen formerly sold for ₦850,000 is now going for ₦200,000.

And the wardrobes of 1.7m, 1.5m, 1m which were sold for ₦350,000 – ₦250,000 is now selling for ₦100,000 respectively.

Hurry now, come and name your price. All products are readily available for delivery nationwide!


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This article was first published on 13th July 2016


Solomon Nwadiogbu is the founder and CEO of Emilinks Limited, a global manufacturer of premium quality doors, kitchens, wardrobes, beds, dining and other luxury furniture products. To build and furnish your home, call 08174600772 or 09082000074.

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